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Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant Today? by John Kitevski (LQ)

Are the Ten Commandments still relevant today? Why are the Ten commandments and the Lost Ark mentioned in the book of Revelation?



What is the Mark of the Beast by John Kitevski (LQ)

Have you ever wondered what the Mark of the Beast is? There is so much confusion over this topic. Some people say it is a barcode. Some people say it is a tracking chip. Some say it is a vaccine. But what is it really?



Breast Cancer Treatments by Henry To (LQ)

Breast cancer surgeon Dr Henry To will be discussing the latest breast cancer treatments, and how to support someone who is trying to make a decision on which treatments to undertake.


 2020-09-23  9m

Secrets of Success by Chris Moses (LQ)

Is there a secret to success that enables Christians to live a happy and effective Christian life? What does it mean to be a Christian and how do you live in a way that enables you to grow spiritually?


 2020-09-23  1h5m

What Does It Mean to Worship God? by Chris Guo (LQ)

What does it mean to worship God? Is it the songs I sing, the prayers I pray, the money I give? Find out what it truly means to worship God as Pr Chris Guo speaks about this important topic.


 2020-09-16  36m

Service During Covid-19 by Henry To & Kojo Akomeah (LQ)

Find out how are frontline healthcare workers are serving the community during this pandemic. Dr Henry To and Pr Kojo Akomeah will share unique insights into what service means during difficult times.


 2020-09-06  59m

Living Life to the Full by Chris Moses (LQ)

Is there any connection between our physical health and spiritual health? How can we change our health habits? This study guide reveals the biblical keys to a happy and healthy life.


 2020-09-06  1h2m

 2020-08-30  1h37m

How to Study the Bible by Chris Moses (LQ)

Let's learn some of the ways to study the Bible in a rich and very meaningful ways!


 2020-08-30  37m

 2020-08-30  58m