Black Falls

Black Falls is where your nightmares live when they’re not haunting you relentlessly. In an isolated mountain town full of secrets and death, live gods, devils, and the people caught in the middle accepting the strange as normal and the normal as strange.

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66 Spring

As Lilly Van Horne grows up something sinister is waiting for her


 2018-09-12  3m

65 Winter

He was born on a cold morning and was buried with a cold mourning


 2018-08-01  3m

64 Fall

In which loose lips sink ships but what about loose ends


 2018-06-06  4m

63 Summer

Whats Speedy been up to ever since Frank ate poor Arnie Harris


 2018-05-09  4m

62 Foreshadows of the Night

The air in Black Falls is thick with a sickening tension but why


 2018-03-11  4m

61 Raw And Well Done

Frank has the best worst idea in regards with how to handle his rivalry with Speedy


 2018-01-31  5m

60 Thoughts and Secrets

The strange thoughts of Black Falls on its current predicament


 2018-01-03  4m

59 Cries

What does a childs cries mean for the future of Black Falls A new beginning starts here


 2017-12-14  4m

58 Into The Woods

The intertwining fates of Daniel Allen and Black Falls is revealed as only one can survive


 2017-08-02  4m

57 The French Inhaler Exhales

What ever happened to the French Inhaler Johnny Campbell and the the truths he searched for about Black Falls


 2017-06-07  3m