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      Blind Bargains Qast 150: Unlimited Stick

      A pair of smart glasses that will work for both Blind and Low Vision alike? Tune in to hear J.J.'s interview with Sean Tibbetts of Cyber Timez to hear about just such a thing. We also have news, a live tip and a "Last Word" that involves food and a YouTube clip. We decided to stay with the tried and true for episode 150, because "if it isn't broke"... well you know.



      Blind Bargains Qast 149: The Master Of Unlocking

      Two discussion topics await listeners this week. First, Joe catches up with Brian Hartgen



      Blind Bargains Qast 148: Deserts And Desserts

      WWDC has arrived and that means by decree of Podcast Law we must dissect it for your amusement. Along for the ride is Buddy Brannan



      Blind Bargains Qast 147: Got Milk?

      Two interviews, news and a tip all under an hour. We aren t turning over a new leaf. We re just saving it all up for WWDC next week. We have Amit Pitaru And Nicole Bleuel from Google to talk about an awesome and accessible morse code keyboard. Joseph Lee joins us to talk about NVDACon which is happening this weekend. Hot summer air, without an air conditioner, can make for some quick podcasts by the way.



      Blind Bargains Qast 146: Google TronBack

      The BBQ Crew is back with another fabulous interview from Google i/o that places your virtual focus squarely on Android P and TalkBack. The news section is back with a vengeance, the Last Word stays true to the topics that have come to define the segment and Sound Off sports a fascinating status update from an infamous show note commenter. I got a feelin that tonight is going to be a good show. A good, good show.



      Blind Bargains Qast 145: Lookout In The Dark

      J.J. is back from Google i/o with not one, but two, interviews from the event. Joe has a tasty tip in store, the Last Word is full of audio goodness and we have a lively discussion in the news section. Find that wireless earbud that fell between the couch cushions as we re about to delve into episode 145.


       2018-05-21  1h1m

      Blind Bargains Qast 144: Oreo Praline Puff Pastry

      Blind Bargains Qast 144: Oreo Praline Puff Pastry


       2018-05-12  1h21m

      Blind Bargains Qast 143: Now Playin the Part of Shelly Brisbin, it's Shelly Brisbin

      Joe is off teaching some unsuspecting students about technology in Mississippi so Shelly Brisbin, who this week is actually playing the part of herself, steps in. And since we have an Apple expert on the show, J.J. thought it would be a good week to talk all about the latest updates to Narrator. We've got iOS fans covered with a handy tip, and talk about food in both the Last Word and Sound Off.


       2018-05-06  42m

      Blind Bargains Qast 142: The Awareness Will Come From The Action

      Canada isn't just a great place to get maple syrup and poutine, no fellow listeners, it turns out it is a wonderful place where accessibility is on the rise in new and exciting ways. This week Joe sits down with David lepofsky to talk about many Canadian things that are not hockey or that 55 yard line thing they have for football. J.J. has a virtual tip, "Last Word" gets crunchy and "Sound Off" features an email that could have been in the news section.


       2018-04-27  1h4m

      Blind Bargains Qast 141: 14 Taps And 2 Tips

      Episode 140 contained an interview about math. so, it seemed only fair that BBQ 141 balanced the scales with a discussion about words. Okay, typing words with FlickType. There are also not one, but two, handy tips this week. "Last Word" features one of the normal subjects you have become accustomed to expecting at the end of the show.


       2018-04-20  51m