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      Blind Bargains Qast 114: A 4K Face ID Adventure

      Big news requires a big discussion group. That's why we asked Jamie Pauls and Scott Davert to return to the BBQ to talk all things Apple. X, 8, TVs and other acronyms will be mentioned. Also, you won't believe which Qast host defends one particular Apple device or why.

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      Blind Bargains Qast 113: Steam Immersive Fruit Ninja

      We've talked a bit already about how J.J. has used NVDA with OCR to play some games. And Joe has spoken about Xbox accessibility with Narrator. But that barely touches the surface of the types of games that are now available. Michael Feir and Jessie Anderson are on hand to talk about other forms of games access in this long-form discussion episode. The group also talks about the rise of crowd funding in the games sphere, how 3d printing is helping board gaming and how the future of games...



      Blind Bargains Qast 112: Tesseract Cane Shield

      This week's episode is chock full of demos, tips and even an interview. James Boehm stops by to talk about a use for your old canes. Andre Louis also supplies us with an OCR demo for the Mac. Also, hear about the new NVDA and a look at the latest Apple accessory on the market before all that new stuff is announced on September 12th.

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      Braille sense Polaris is shipping! The future is now. Check out the first Google certified futureproof notetaker with no touchscreen...



      Blind Bargains Qast 111: BoHo Pizza Rat

      Style and fashion might be scary words to some of us who are not fans of clothing shopping. In this week's episode, Ricky Enger stops by to talk about Clothing Subscription Services that might just take the fear of the unknown out of the shopping equation. We'll also reverberate in the "Last Word" and find out how you can make those new voices in NVDA even faster than the default in our tip of the week.

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      Blind Bargains Qast 110: Audio Eclipses And Blast Processing

      You might be wondering how Blind and Low Vision people can enjoy the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. In this episode we speak to Dr. Henry Winter, a real honest to goodness astrophysicist who tells us how we can participate in the big cosmic event. We also sync our Google Home calendars, talk more about the Orbit Reader and we strap on our red shoes for the "Last Word".

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      Braille sense Polaris is shipping! The future is now. Check out the first Google...



      Blind Bargains Qast 109 : You're Own Personal Bridge To Access

      Anyone know which end of a microphone you speak into to do a podcast? We've been a way for a while. However now that the summer shows have ended, we're back to recording shows in the studio and not in a hotel. And it seems like some big news was waiting for us to talk about. News so big that we thought Chancey Fleet should join us to discuss the week's events. There is a tip and an audio-based "Last Word" in there too. So kick up your heels and turn on the AC as we're saying...



      Blind Bargains Qast 108: Blind Bargains Game Show Live!

      From a room somewhere within the Nugget Casino in Sparks Nevada comes the first ever BBQ Game Show. Recorded in front of a live studio audience, and thankfully edited for podcast presentation by Mr. Derrick Lane, our announcer Joe Steinkamp provides the info for our Master of Ceremonies J.J. Meddaugh. Join the BBQ Crew in a series of pricing games that bear little resemblance to those you might have heard on other popular nationally syndicated programs. Ahem, cough cough, hear members of...



      #nfb17 Audio: Reading The Building Blocks Of Life With The B2G And National Braille Press

      Android notetakers are pretty common now. However, one of the first units to enter the marketplace was the Braille2Go from National Braille press. Brian McDonald, President of National Braille Press, provides Chancey with a deep dive into the B2G hardware and software ecosystem. hear Chancey take her elementary steps into the world of the B2G with a demonstration of navigation in an app that shows the periodic table. To learn more about the B2G, or the other wonderful products and...



      #nfb17 Audio: Live The Life Of High Adventure With Materia Magica

      Chancey had to dodge dog guides, fight for food through crowds of convention attendees and track down all these interviews you have been listening to from NFB17. She has truly earned her spoils of victory. So why not celebrate by slaying a few dragons, or go wandering through a dungeon or two? It seems tame when compared to the Exhibit Hall floor actually. Chancey began her quest by talking with Beth Carrigan, General manager for the game Materia Magica, and she learns how easy it will be...



      #NFB17 Audio: Hooked on Hooke Audio

      Be sure to have your earbuds in for this special interview as Chancey recorded this from a set of binaural microphones. Hear Anthony Mattana, founder and CEO of Hook Audio, speak to Chancey about the Verse line of products in an outdoor setting. Anthony explains how he came to make his products accessible to the Blind and what he has learned from his attendance at the 2017 NFB Convention. If you are interested in learning more about Hooke Audio, visit the company's website. And you can...