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Blind Bargains Qast 173: Alien Probing Cane

J.J. is back from Orlando with the interview that got away from him at ATIA, Bardo Hoffmann Of VisioBraille. We also have a product review in "Sound Off", a ton of news along with a couple of Joe's tweets that influenced a Windows Tip and J.J.'s contribution to the "Last Word". Make a good pot of coffee, or tea, because this one will last more than a simple cup full of content.



#ATIA19 Audio: Command Multiple Devices With The HIMS QBraille XL

At ACB 2018 we caught up with Jenny Axler to learn about the debut of the QBraille XL. The hybrid device is now shipping and on display at ATIA19. J.J. caught up with Damion Pickering and Earl Harrison of HIMS, to talk about how the QWERTY keyboard Braille display has changed since its summer splash onto the A.T. scene. If you would like to find out more about the unit s features, or discover what else is happening at HIMS, visit their website



#ATIA19 Audio: Aces Are Hight For The Acesight And Zoomax

David Bradburn, President of Zoomax USA, on BBQ 153



#ATIA19 Audio: Humanware Pulls Back The Curtain On Their Reveal 16 Video Magnifier

We speculated in BBQ 172 about the features of Humanware s newest Video Magnifier with the idea that we would learn more when J.J. traveled to ATIA. Enter Eric Beauchamp , Product Manager For Low Vision Devices, who stepped into the Humanware suite with all the info about the new Reveal 16 and then some. Hear how the unit folds down, the battery life and the operating system in this interview. Then go back to our previous episode and see if we guessed right...



#ATIA19 Audio: IRIE-AT Is Totally Your Braille Buddy When It Comes To Phones And Video Magnifiers?

The cool thing about ATIA is that you can sometimes get an early look at an upcoming product before it arrives at the summer shows. Jeff Gardner, CEO of IRIE-AT, gave J.J. a look at a prototype video magnifier called the Read Easy Evolve. Hear a description of the unit and then a live demo from the Exhibit Hall floor. The conversation then moves toward Braille as Jeff gives an overview of the Braille Buddy embosser and provides some information about accessible phones...



#ATIA19 Audio: Becoming Modern With Microsoft And Low Vision Access In Windows

Microsoft has been steadily adding features and enhancements to Windows 10 over the course of a series of Spring and Fall updates. Braille support, speech during the installation process and having the ability to use Narrator in safe mode are just some of the accomplishments the Accessibility Teams at Microsoft have brought to the operating system. Jason Grieves, Product Manager Low Vision Windows Accessibility, had a moment at ATIA to chat with J.J...



#ATIA19 Audio: There Is More Described And Captioned Media Out There Thanks To The DCMP

Many of us consider the rise of Audio Description and Caption services as something that came about recently. However, what if we told you that early forms of these services date back to 1958? In this interview Kyle Sisk, Information Systems Manager for the Described and Captioned Media program, provides J.J. a look at how accessible content goes all the way back to the 16 millimeter film strip...



#ATIA19 Audio: Dolphin Can Guide And Connect You With Greater Ease

Gareth Collins, Tech Support Manager for Dolphin, is no stranger to the BBQ microphones as we try to catch up with him at each of the major Blindness and Low Vision events. This time around Mr. Collins has much to bring J.J. up to speed on with Dolphin as the easy to use Guide software has seen a dramatic re-write from the ground up...



#ATIA19 Audio: The Neil Squire Society Is Leveraging Open Source To Help Makers Making Change

Many people are familiar with the phrase one size does not fit all. There can be many good solutions out there to solving a problem. And that philosophy is what fuels the DIY community to creatively accomplish tasks outside of the typical mainstream method of doing so. Chad Leaman, Director of Innovation for Makers Making Change, explains to J.J...



#ATIA19 Audio: Compliance Is Just Clicks Away With Crawford Technologies

PDF documents are no good, bad and evil things. Unfortunately, they are still necessary evils that many of us encounter in our daily travels. But as cruel as they are to use, they can be even more difficult to inclusively create. Dennis Quon, Director of Document Accessibility Solutions for Crawford Technologies, took a moment on the Exhibit Hall floor to explain to J.J...