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#CSUNATC22 Audio: Inclusive Map Viewing Through Any Browser With Audiom

It would be truly wild if you could take the skills you have learned through playing audio games, like Swamp or Tactile Battle, and transfer them into real world Orientation and Mobility. Surprisingly enough, J.J. did just that when he spoke to Brandon Biggs, Engineer with the Smith-Kettlewell | Eye Research Institute, during our CSUN 2020 coverage. A lot has happened in two years and Brandon is back to demonstrate the Audiom project...


 2022-06-24  21m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: What's New In Duxbury 12.6 For Mac And Windows

Neal Kuniansky, Director of marketing and Sales for Duxbury Systems, is no stranger to the BBQ Exhibit Hall microphones. Moreover, he might be slightly infamous for his aid in a past April's Fool podcast. But this interview is about Duxbury's future and J.J. gets the low down on the new features in 12.6 for Windows and Mac OS. Tune in, or read the transcript below, to get some insights on EBRF and multi-line braille display support as well. To learn more about 12...


 2022-06-10  9m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Finding Layers Of Context With The Dynamic Tactile Device From APH

We began our 2022 CSUN coverage with a discussion about some of the upcoming initiatives from APH. But hearing about the Dynamic Tactile Device Project over Zoom wasn t enough for J.J. s curiosity. That s why he managed to brave the conference labyrinth and find Greg Stilson, Director of Global Innovation for APH, and lay his hands upon the DTD himself. In this demo you will learn more about the current prototype unit while J.J. navigates through images, floor plans and other examples...


 2022-05-28  28m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Hable Is The New Tactile Assistant For Your Smartphone

Braille Screen Input, or BSI, is a great choice for those who like that approach on a touch sensitive glass screen. But there is now more than one way to input a cord these days andFreek van Welsenis, Co-Founder of Hable, offers to J.J. another alternative for smartphone navigation. The lightweight Hable is a Bluetooth enabled input device for Android and iOS that has been sweeping its way across the EU. And now it sets its sights on a U.S. launch...


 2022-05-16  4m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Navigating Through The Mazes Of Math With APH's Road To Code

Higher end math and computational thinking are skill sets that can provide amazing opportunities to many at a young age. The problem that persists is how do parents and educators find the right accessible tools for mastering these abilities in the K-12 environment? We have featured APH s Code Jumper in our previous convention coverage. However, that s just the start for APH s Road To Code offerings that teach students the concepts of sequencing, loops and block coding. J.J...


 2022-05-06  21m

 2022-04-29  21m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Feel The Difference In Words And Tactile Graphics Through Dot Pad

Many of you might be familiar with Dot through their first entry into the market with the Dot Watch. Since then, the company has grown their offerings beyond the Braille timepiece and are now reaching into the realm of tactile graphics. J.J. traveled to the CSUN basement to talk with Daniel Hyun, Director of Operations for Dot Incorp, about their new technology shown at the Exhibit Hall...


 2022-04-15  10m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Envision AI's Glasses Are A New Ally For Viewing The World Around You

Shelly brought us our first look at the Envision Glasses almost two years ago at CSUNATC20. A lot has happened since the team debuted that initial pair. And J.J. caught up with Karthik Kannan, Cofounder and Chief Engineer of Envision AI, to find out more. In this interview you will learn about the expansion of the platform, how the new Envision Ally app works and what upcoming features are on the horizon for the Glasses and Envision AI app...


 2022-04-10  27m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Developing With A Braille First Design For The HIMS Braille Sense 6 Mini

Earlier in the feed we featured a chat with Randy Ahn on innovation at HIMS. But for those who are eager to learn more JJ spoke with Thomas Simpson, VP of Marketing and Sales for HIMS Inc, about the announcement of pre-orders for the BrailleSense 6 Mini. The pair discuss what s in store for those who are seeking the new Android based notetaker, upgrade paths and initial feature sets for the new device...


 2022-04-02  9m

#CSUNATC22 Audio: Translate Braille And More With HIMS

The BBQ Crew has long established themselves for bringing you their unique take on the news from the Exhibit Hall floor. In this interview J.J. sits down with Randy Ahn, CEO of HIMS Inc, to talk about the latest innovations from the company who brought you the BrailleSense and BookSense product lines. We hope you enjoy this very special simhae jamsu. To learn more about this product, or other offerings, visit the HIMS International website


 2022-04-01  3m