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The Shift Show helps women in the food and wellness industry simplify, focus and scale their business to become majorly profitable (and fun). You can have a successful business, that you love without hustling around the clock. Each week listen for tangible advice + growth tips that give you the tools to change your business and your life. Get out your notebook and let's get started to join the new movement, The Social Shift.

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314: How You Can Get Back Your Power and Take Back Control In Your Life 

This holiday season, more than ever, we need to feel empowered and in control of our lives.   If we keep waiting for outside circumstances to change to be happy we are going to wait a long time.  Don’t delay your happiness.  In this...



313: Everything Legal You Need To Know For 2021 And Beyond

As a small business owner, you have unique needs when running your business.  Whether you’re just launching your business, or are an experienced business owner, you  need to be sure you’ve limited your liability.  In this episode of...



312: Encore- 224: My Productivity Process For 2 Hours A Day Or Less

Now, more than ever, managing your time can be a challenge.  We are operating in strange times.  In this encore episode I’m sharing my framework for getting more done in way less time. You’ll hear:  My productivity process for 2...



311: 5 Things That Are NOT Working With Facebook and Instagram Ads

So many business owners are interested in using ads to grow their business and grow their profit.  Ads are one of the best things you can use in your business.  But it doesn’t come without making mistakes or seeing things you could have...



310: The 5 BIGGEST Content Trends for 2021

It’s important to know that your business and audience will constantly be growing and shifting.  Trying to run like you have in the past is doing yourself a disservice.  In this episode of The Shift Show I talk all about the biggest trends...



309: How To Do More By Doing Less With Rosanna Berardi

In today's world, we face difficult challenges.  Whether at home, in our personal life, and in our business.  Life doesn't have to be so crazy.  You CAN do it all.  In this episode of The Shift Show, I talk with Rosanna Berardi all...



7 Sales Tips To Connect With Your Customers And Sell Easily!

Many people feel that selling is icky or wrong.  In this episode of The Shift Show, I want to help you realize that selling is more about how you can serve your people.  I want you to understand that selling is about getting your people...



307: Stop Thinking You Have To Do It All! With Kendra Hennessy

Now, more than ever social media is causing us to see what other people are doing with their lives more than we have in the past.  This causes us to create a narrative for ourselves and question why we can’t do the same as others.  In this...



306: YES! You Should Be Running Facebook Ads! With Dan Culver

Facebook ads are important.  There are billions of people who use the platform every day, and if you place a target ad on facebook, your chances of reaching your customers skyrocket.  If Facebook ads are still vague to you, this episode will...



305: Storytelling Can Be Your Most Powerful Business Asset With Katie Soy

Your Stories are your fingerprints of messaging.  And connecting with your audience is a fast and efficient way to stand out in your market.  In this episode, I talk with Katie Soy all about storytelling in your business. You’ll...


 2020-11-02  27m