Bottom Shelf Recording Talk

Joey Roach (Producer/Engineer) & James Seabrook (Studio Owner) talk all things recording & business… notably ungoverned.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 59m. Bisher sind 157 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 93: Episode 136 - Let's Talk At Joey's Place

In this extended cut, our heroes move to Joey's place and add a new permanent member to the gang.  Welcome Kyle to the fray.  To celebrate, our heroes talk for too long...  They are sorry.  But at least THEY had fun.  :)



March 24, 2020

In this first episode after a long break, our heroes talk being away, Sylvia Massey, and recording failures.  Welcome back to the world.



episode 92: Episode 134 - Break the Future

In this pre-broken episode, our heroes talk youtube mixing contests, political podcasts, and a new line of Golden Age Projects gear.  James disagrees with clients, ...


 2018-08-29  59m

episode 91: Episode 133 - Deep Cuts

In this limited episode, our heroes talk the future of mixing consoles, mixing volumes vs clipping, and monitoring.  Joey cuts deep into his finger, James ...


 2018-08-22  59m

episode 90: Episode 132 - Compound Digital Tape

In this oddly counted episode, our heroes talk compound meters, old digital tapes, and weighted keys. Joey talks about his recent Folk Fest experience, James ...


 2018-08-15  59m

episode 89: Episode 131 - 3 Years Ago

In this milestone, our heroes celebrate their 3 year anniversary by mostly ignoring it.  James continues his mastering woes, Joey has a nervous breakdown, and ...


 2018-08-08  59m

episode 88: Episode 130 - Master of Complaints

In this soft episode, our heroes talk control surfaces, editing songs for playlists, and updates to software.  James complains about mastering troubles, Joey complains about ...


 2018-08-01  59m

episode 87: Episode 129 - Software Circus Metal

In this gymnastic episode, our heroes are joined by mix engineer Roland Rodas ( for conversations about onine marketing, mixing music you don't enjoy, and ...


 2018-07-25  59m

episode 86: Episode 128 - “Unfortunately, We Have Clients to Please”

In this pre-approved episode, our heroes talk about when to send a client that first mix version, Softube's Console 1, and an ideal music/arts space. ...


 2018-07-18  59m

episode 85: Episode 127 - “Who the Hell is Making That Much Money?”

In this overpriced episode, our heroes talk EQ in context, price structures for audio work, and a big orange arts space.  Joey has a new idea ...


 2018-07-11  59m