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A podcast about Gundam, Super Robots and everything in between! Hosted by Ash Beardguy and SentaiFive! #AllMechaAllTheTime

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Build Casters - Tekky?jin (feat. Ayinde Hall)

In what is the LAST episode of Build Casters (in its current guise), Ash Beardguy sits down with AyindeHall [@YIN_Designs aka @KokujinKreates] of Studio Mah?, to chop it up about Blade Titans, his Mecha Manga series. Ash and Ayinde discuss how Ayinde got into this Weeb Stuff and then do a deep dive and become ensconced in the world and narrative of Blade Titans. They then talk about what led to the formation of Studio Mah? and a bunch of other works that Ayinde has planned...


 2021-08-14  1h8m

Build Casters - White Base? (feat. Fujimaru_Husky)

On the second episode of our two parter, Ash Beardguy, once again chops it up with Mecha Enthusiast and Streamer extraordinaire: Fujimaru Husky. Ash and Fuji have a brief, yet eye opening discussion about Racism and Anti-Blackness within the (Western) Gundam and Mecha Anime Fandoms. Fuji recounts some of the horrible experiences he has had in Fandom over the years and Ash talks about the Gundam Fandom's pretty vile reaction to GundamNerd's GBWC USA 2018 win...


 2021-07-02  10m

Build Casters - Let's Build, Brotha! (feat. Fujimaru_Husky)

Build Casters is now THREE YEARS OLD!!! To celebrate, you are getting TWO EPISODES!!! On part one, Ash Beardguy chops it up with Giant Shooty Robot Enthusiast, Gunpla Builder and Streamer extraordinaire: Fujimaru Husky(aka Fujimaru No Jutsu). Ash asks Fuji about how he became enamoured with Mechanical Giants, why his Grandma helps to fund his Plastic Model Kit Addiction and what builds he has in the pipeline...


 2021-07-01  45m

Build Casters - Dynazenon LIVE

Join Ash Beardguy and SentaiFive for a Special Edition of Build Casters. On this episode, which was recorded LIVE on Twitter Spaces this past Friday just a couple of hours after the finale aired, Ash and Fives tackle Studio Trigger's Spring 2021 Mecha Juggernaut: SSSS.DYNAZENON. They reflect on the characters and their machinations and drool over the show's peerless mecha design...


 2021-06-21  1h5m

Build Casters - Total Eclipse

On this ultra low effort, barely edited episode of Build Casters, Ash Beardguy and SentaiFive react to the massive Gundam Seed related news that just dropped. They share their excitement about the long-awaited Gundam Seed Movie, drool over the Eclipse Gundam and get super jealous over the life-sized Freedom Gundam statue in China. They also briefly talk about the Gundam Universe line finally having a wave that's good enough to cop in its entirety...


 2021-05-29  28m

Build Casters - Full Metal Geass!

What's this? Ash Beardguy and SentaiFive are back with a new episode of Build Casters? On this episode, our Melanated Mecha Bros dissect what is arguably the most important Mecha Anime news in the past few years, Ky?kai Senki, Sunrise's first Non-Gundam Mecha property since Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon, which aired almost 7 years ago! Although happy with the news, Ash is initially pessimistic about the eventual quality of the show, based on staffing choices, whereas Fives is far...


 2021-03-25  15m

Build Casters - Black Women of Mecha Anime

Ash is back with another SD Gundam sized episode of Build Casters, to celebrate International Women's Day! On this episode, Ash highlights 4 brilliant Black Women characters from Mecha Anime! From Claudia LaSalle who keeps everything running smoothly aboard a Giant Shooty Robot Spaceship against the backdrop of an Intergalactic War, to Amida Arca, the BADDEST Woman and arguably most naturally gifted Mobile Suit Pilot in the Post Disaster Timeline, these Black Women are all phenomenal and...


 2021-03-09  2m

Build Casters - MECHAmendations

Join Ash for this SD Gundam-sized episode of Build Casters, on which he gives you the lowdown on 5 Mecha Anime that are perfect for those who are new to the world of Giant Shooty Robots!


  • Gundam Build Fighters (Youtube)
  • Vandread (Funimation Now)
  • RahXephon (HIDIVE)
  • Macross Plus (Prime Video)
  • Code Geass (Funimation Now)


 2021-02-22  2m

Build Casters - Gundam BREAK-er

On this episode of Build Casters, Ash Badguy (aka TheMacabreChap) gives you the lowdown on why we went on a hiatus and when you can expect us to return! 


  • Black Anime Podcasts


 2020-09-19  4m

Build Casters - Voices Of A Distant BRUH

On this episode of Build Casters, Ash, is joined by undoubtedly one of the smartest men in the Anime Podcasting Game, Jamal, host of Get In The Mecha. Ash, a Millennial, and Jamal, a Zoomer, start off by chopping it up about their experiences growing up as Otaku from two different generations, then go on to tackle the main topic, Makoto Shinkai's 2002 Mecha Anime Romance: Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star)...


 2020-07-22  27m