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The most-listened to podcast by women. Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy has been creating conversation since 2018. Cooper cuts through the BS with topics and guests - asking the burning questions you want the answers to. There will be laughter, there will be tears. There will be everything in between. New episodes drop on Wednesday and Sunday. Want more? Join the Daddy Gang @callherdaddy

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Jane Fonda: The GOAT (FBF)

Jane Fonda joins Call Her Daddy to offer her invaluable advice and wisdom. Jane talks about the importance of female friendship and reflects on the difficult times in her life that friendship helped her overcome. She speaks candidly about the pressure of being cast as the “girl next door" and the objectification that led to a 20-year battle with bulimia. Jane was married and divorced three times and now recognizes a pattern within those relationships...



Simone Biles: “I thought America hated me”

Join Alex in Houston for an exclusive interview with gold medalist, Simone Biles. Simone is here to share her side of the story and what really happened at the infamous Tokyo Olympics when she withdrew from the team competition and shocked the world. She opens up about the trauma that led to that decision, what nobody knew was happening behind the scenes, and how she thought her gymnastics career was over...



Emma Chamberlain (Parts 1 and 2) (FBF)

Father Cooper is joined by Emma Chamberlain for her first official in-person sit-down interview. The pair discuss Emma’s high school days and cover everything from being an only child, her parents' divorce, and ultimately her decision to drop out and pursue Youtube full time (OH and they also discuss the classic high school dick pic). Alex and Emma open up and reflect on the fears associated with being a content creator.....



JOJO SIWA: The Woman Behind The Bow

Join Alex in the studio for an exclusive sit-down interview with JoJo Siwa. Alex asks the tough questions we’ve all been wondering and JoJo finally gets real about the truth behind her persona. She opens up about why she wore the bows for so long, how she’s well aware aspects of her image are cringe, and whether or not she thinks her maturity has been stunted...



Can You Be Friends With an EX?

Join Alex for a Sunday Session where she answers all of your burning questions and gives some fatherly advice. She breaks down what to do when your partner’s success rate is rapidly declining in the bedroom and you’re no longer cumming (friendly reminder Daddy Gang… you always deserve an orgasm). She also shares her opinion on when and how to have intimidating conversations about kids, marriage, and the future with someone you’re newly dating...



Emily Ratajkowski (FBF)

Father Cooper sits down with Emily Ratajkowski. While you may think you have an understanding of Emily’s seemingly perfect life, this interview reveals that you never know what someone is actually going through. Emily opens up about the traumatic experiences she has overcome throughout her life and how these events have reduced her to feeling like nothing more than a mannequin...



Denise Huskins: My Kidnapping Story

Join Alex in the studio for a powerful interview with kidnapping and assault survivor Denise Huskins. In 2015, Denise was taken from her boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night. She was held for days, drugged, and assaulted before finally being released by her captors. But when Denise told the police what had happened to her, nobody believed her. In fact, they attacked her. They called her a liar, hoaxster, fraud, and the real life “Gone Girl...



I Found My Wedding Dress

Join Father Cooper for a much needed catch up in this week’s Sunday Session. Alex discusses how she and Matt are prepping for their upcoming wedding and how stressful some of the last minute details like writing Shakespearean-level vows or choosing music for the ceremony have been. She also talks about solving the Rubik’s Cube that is the seating chart and updates that she finally found her perfect wedding dress...



Elizabeth Banks: How Do I Know If He’s My Soulmate? (FBF)

Elizabeth Banks joins Call Her Daddy to share some wine, wisdom and laughs. She reminisces on meeting her husband on the very first night of college and how she knew he was the one - even though they were only eighteen. Elizabeth and Alex discuss and normalize not always knowing exactly what you want in life -- and give advice to those feeling confused after graduating college. Elizabeth opens up about her path to motherhood and the decision to use a surrogate...



Brittany Snow: Stop Falling in Love with Potential

Join Alex in the studio for a sit down interview with Brittany Snow. Brittany talks about being the “camp counselor” in her friend group and how she’s gotten comfortable spending more time alone. She reminisces on some of her most iconic movies and tells the story of how her role in John Tucker Must Die inspired her to get back at an ex. Brittany also talks about directing her first movie and opens up about how the film was inspired by her own battle with body image...