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(Short Cuts) No Going Back With India

If it weren’t for the Globe and Mail, would Prime Minister Trudeau have publicly accused India of being involved in the killing of Hardeep Nijjar? And Canada loses 70 newspapers as Metroland ends their print circulation...



episode 920: A Wine Critic Spills All

André Proulx is a wine writer who has worked for Newstalk 1010, CTV News, Quench Magazine, and Toronto Life. As dollars in traditional media disappear for journalists, it’s getting harder and harder to make money writing lifestyle content — including wine writing...



episode 21: (Détours) Rima Elkouri : 25 ans de nuances

Le 10 septembre 2001, Rima Elkouri devient chroniqueuse au journal La Presse. Le 11 septembre 2001, elle devient chroniqueuse arabe. Rima se joint à Emilie pour réfléchir aux histoires nécessaires et nuancées qu'elle écrit depuis les 25 dernières années...



episode 919: (Short Cuts) Cirque du Pierre Poilievre

Oh what a circus, oh what a show, as a newly reenergized Conservative Party of Canada holds its first convention with Pierre Poilievre as leader. Under this tent, everyone from anti-trans activists to British aristocrats are apparently welcome, because nothing says “populism” like telling people you know what’s best for them.

And as the strike at TVOntario creeps toward month two, we anxiously await Polkaroo’s show of solidarity...



episode 918: How To Save Canada

Rob Goodman was a congressional staffer in the US and as a rising authoritarian movement brought America to the brink of a coup, he did what all Americans threaten to do when they are fed up with their country: he moved to Canada. Now an Assistant Professor in the department of Politics and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan University, he has an urgent warning for his adopted country...



episode 917: (Short Cuts) Mr. X, Mr. Ford, Mr. Mutton

We’re beginning to see the consequences of the Greenbelt scandal. Why does Premier Ford refuse to take accountability?  As the trial for the convoy organizers begins, Tamara Lich’s cult of personality is ramping up in the press. 

Host: Jesse Brown

Credits: Aviva Lessard (Producer), Caleb Thompson (Audio Editor and Technical Producer), Annette Ejiofor (Managing Editor), Karyn Pugliese (Editor-in-Chief)

Guest: Alan S...



episode 916: Chantal Hébert

This episode originally aired on May 3, 2015

It’s possible that Chantal Hébert’s journalism once held Canada together. She joins Jesse for a discussion about what’s appropriate in political news coverage, and what (if anything) needs to change...



episode 20: (Détours) Redéfinir la famille traditionnelle

Le modèle familial traditionnel est en pleine évolution. Comment l'adoption internationale s’inscrit-elle dans les conversations actuelles autour de la parentalité ? Emilie invite Amandine Gay pour discuter de son travail en tant que cinéaste, autrice et militante qui lutte pour les personnes adoptées et, plus précisément, pour leur prise de parole. Emilie et Amandine réfléchissent à la manière dont le racisme est abordé (ou effacé!) en France...



episode 915: (Short Cuts) Parents, Peterson and the Pronoun Panic

With more provinces jumping aboard the prejudiced pronoun panic, Jesse and Karyn pick apart the misleading narratives that are helping fuel it.

They also shine light on a legal battle the Toronto Star has quietly been waging to protect a confidential source...



episode 914: Stock Buybacks: How Grocers Eat Themselves

In the past several years, Loblaws, Metro and Empire have spent billions on their own stock - And at a time of food price inflation and grocery workers on strike...