Candela: Photography & Cinematography Masters

The masters of photography and cinematography, in conversation with Alan Schaller and Christopher Hooton.

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Michael Yamashita

National Geographic photographer and Asia specialist Michael Yamashita joins us in this episode, discussing the vast changes to the photography industry that have taken place across his career, disappearing communities and environments, NatGeo's booming ...


 2021-03-15  1h0m

episode 2: Paola M. Franqui

A Puerto Rican-born photographer now living in New Jersey, Paola Franqui has, under her handle @monaris_, become known for her cinematic street photography, often shot in New York City and evoking the feeling of a bygone era. We talk to her about finding...


 2021-02-16  1h4m

Staying focused in a mad world

Not focus the lens kind but focus the human kind: being able to concentrate and stay determined is crucial to success in pretty much anything, so how can you foster it? We are certainly not experts *checks phone notifications*, but here we discuss attemp...


 2021-01-27  38m

Phedon Papamichael

Ford v Ferrari, Nebraska, Downsizing and 3:10 to Yuma cinematographer Phedon Papamichael joins us, to discuss the future of movies, using a blue light in a black and white film, Hollywood's reluctance around b&w films, working with camera cars, the incen...


 2021-01-09  1h10m

Vineet Vohra

Indian street photographer Vineet Vohra joins us to discuss his distinctive, playful style, trying to capture photos that feel like hitting a 'pause' button on life, shooting in Varanasi and his native New Delhi, and much more.Follow Vineet: instagram.c...


 2020-12-23  58m

What is the future of storytelling?

We're a mere blip in history. Many of the artistic mediums that are dominant now weren't as little as a hundred years ago, and with technology progressing so fast, they'll likely change again on a much shorter timeframe. Here we attempt to take stock of ...


 2020-12-08  43m

Stanley Kubrick's cinematographer Larry Smith

Friend and confidante of the great Stanley Kubrick, Larry Smith was the cinematographer on 'Eyes Wide Shut', lit 'The Shining' for which he served as gaffer, and was also on set for 'Barry Lyndon'. We speak to him about Kubrick's unique directing and bus...


 2020-11-24  1h13m

The photographic and cinematic allure of America

The USA is so frequently the setting for both cinema and photography, so what's the attraction? We attempt to put it into words, discussing monolithic facades, contrasting cultures, rampant consumerism and other classically American traits, along with ou...


 2020-11-16  31m

Jord Hammond

Travelling photographer Jord Hammond joins us to discuss how drifting around Asia caused him to drift into photography, the research that goes into his cinematic landscapes, and how video games influenced his style.Follow Jord:


 2020-11-02  1h2m

What lens is the right lens?

In this episode, we hone in on lens choice, looking at different focal lengths, apertures, and depths of field, what they can bring to a scene and how they can change the relationship between its subjects.Follow the show:


 2020-10-26  39m