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Carry the One is a small team of young scientists at UCSF who are passionate about bringing science stories straight to the public's ear in an entertaining, digestible way. Tune in for stories ranging from current research to science history, from medical science to the natural and social sciences. -- Visit us at Twitter: @CTORadio Instagram: @carrytheoneradio To support the show:

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Making Sense of Antisense Oligonucleotides

How does a potential drug discovered in the lab ultimately end up in people? We tackle this quest...



The Mosquito Menace

Did you know that mosquitoes kill over 700,000 people a year? They are the most dangerous animal ...



Whatever Happened with Zika?

You probably haven’t heard much about the Zika epidemic in the last few years – whatever happened...


 2019-09-03  28m

SynGRing in the Rain

The genome is like the encyclopedia to our body. With all that information, how does each cell kn...


 2019-08-05  22m

New episodes coming soon!

Hey! Sorry we didn't have an episode out in July, but we have been hard at work creating our next...


 2019-08-04  1m

CRISPR: The Unauthorized Biography

This month, we discuss one of the biggest buzzwords in science today: CRISPR. This gene-editing t...


 2019-06-03  35m

San Francisco and HIV: The Place Where it Happened

In the early 80s, a new disease appeared in San Francisco, baffling scientists and alarming the p...


 2019-04-17  50m

The Pseudoscience Episode

Pseudoscience: we know it when we see it, right? Or do we? On this episode of Carry the One Radio...


 2019-03-25  51m

Gene Cartography: Routes to Tourette Disorder

From Google Maps to John Snow’s map of cholera cases in the 1800s, maps have the power to change ...


 2019-02-19  33m

The Robin Hood of Data Science

If you stop to think about it, the amount of data we generate every day is truly mind-blowing - s...


 2019-01-08  21m