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      Chairside Live Episode 235:

      Trapped food and gingival irritation and over-contouring, oh my! Fortunately, Dr. Chi saves the day with digital dentistry, placing a BruxZir® NOW crown in a single appointment with the™ In-Office Solution.


       2018-06-21  9m

      Chairside Live Episode 235:

      When bonding zirconia restorations, which luting agent do you use? Discover Dr. AnaMaria Muresan’s favorites for bonding the new BruxZir® Esthetic. Watch now!

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       2018-03-28  11m

      Chairside Live Episode 234:

      In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, is discussing how he creates provisionals and final crowns under an existing removable appliance.


       2018-03-13  8m

      Chairside Live Episode 233:

      How do you treatment plan in the anterior when your patient demands a high level of esthetics without compromising strength? Dr. Justin Chi is placing veneers on teeth #4-#13, utilizing BruxZir® Esthetic, a breakthrough in monolithic zirconia, to give his patient a total smile makeover.


       2018-03-06  9m

      Chairside Live Episode 232:

      In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as Dr. Muresan removes failing PFMs, and restores teeth #7-#10 with crowns and a veneer. With minimal preparation requirements, impressive strength and lifelike esthetics, Dr. Muresan selects BruxZir® Anterior for this case. She also demonstrates the use of a bone-sounding gauge instrument for esthetic analysis and a soft-tissue laser to aid in creating a beautiful new smile.


       2018-03-01  10m

      Chairside Live Episode 231:

      In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Chad Duplantis is discussing how to incorporate single-visit digital dentistry into your practice, utilizing the™ In-Office Solution.


       2018-02-07  10m

      Chairside Live Episode 230:

      Turn an office interruption into a valuable service for your patient with the “emergency” implant protocol. Dr. Jack Hahn, renowned implant pioneer and practitioner, discusses the invaluable role dental implants can play in your practice.


       2018-01-31  9m

      Chairside Live Episode 229:

      What if you could harness the power of the laboratory right in your own practice and produce dramatic results in one appointment? Watch as Dr. Chi uses the In-Office Solution to make that a clinical reality for his patient with a fractured PFM on #31.


       2018-01-31  11m

      Chairside Live Episode 228:

      When dealing with bone loss and related issues in denture patients, Dr. Raymond Choi harnesses the power of an alternative to conventional implants. Watch as he explains his method for providing impressive results utilizing small-diameter implants.


       2018-01-17  6m

      Chairside Live Episode 227:

      In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Timothy Kosinski is on stage at the 2017 Glidewell Symposium discussing proven techniques for successful implant esthetics.


       2018-01-03  14m