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      The Big Picture — Todd Haynes on Growing Up and Going ‘Wonderstruck’ (Ep. 367)

      Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with filmmaker Todd Haynes to discuss his journey of making movies as a child to channeling youth and finding children to star in his latest film, ‘Wonderstruck.’



      'Jam Session' — A DTR Special: Joe Jonas–Sophie Turner, Jenny Slate–Chris Evans, and Prince Harry–Meghan Markle (Ep. 366)

      The Ringer's Juliet Litman and Amanda Dobbins discuss the hottest celebrity dating storylines, including Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's engagement (6:00), Jenny Slate and Chris Evans's romantic evening in Atlanta (16:00), Scarlett Johansson's new look (28:00), and Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle (36:00).



      'The Big Picture' — Noah Baumbach and Capturing the American Family (Ep. 365)

      Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with writer-director Noah Baumbach to discuss his new film, ‘The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)’; creating a serious role for Adam Sandler; Netflix purchasing his film; and how he captures the American family.



      ‘The Press Box’ — The Empire Wins (Ep. 364)

      The Ringer's Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker discuss the comments Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made regarding kneeling during the national anthem (02:30) and how the media covered the 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer (20:30) and then honor sportswriting great Dan Jenkins (37:00).



      'Jam Session' — We’re Talking About Harvey Weinstein (Ep. 363)

      The Ringer’s Juliet Litman and Amanda Dobbins are joined by Sean Fennessey to unpack the avalanche of bleak news about Harvey Weinstein (2:30) and examine Hollywood’s attitude toward misogyny (10:25). Then, they call staff writer Kate Knibbs, who discusses Lisa Bloom’s brief legal representation of Harvey Weinstein (23:25).

      Link: Kate Knibbs’ piece on Lisa Bloom



      'The Big Picture' — Darren Aronofsky on Pushing the Envelope (Ep. 362)

      Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey sits down with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky to discuss his polarizing film, ‘Mother!,’ and the art of putting both his characters and the audience under duress.



      ‘Jam Session’ — Harvey Weinstein, Kesha, and Gabrielle Union (Ep. 361)

      The Ringer's Juliet Litman and Amanda Dobbins discuss the harassment accusations levied against Harvey Weinstein in the New York Times (5:00), Kesha's bounce-back and revealing Rolling Stone profile (15:00), the tepid Vanity Fair profile of Kate McKinnon (23:00), and Gabrielle Union's inspiring new memoir (33:00).



      ‘The Press Box’ — Picture Me Trollin' (Ep. 360)

      The Ringer's Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker banter about ESPN's reported development of a 'Pardon My Take' TV show (02:30), the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week (17:30), Cam Newtown's butt-headed fumble (20:00), and what Tucker Carlson and Clay Travis have in common (33:45).



      Remembering Tom Petty (Ep. 359)

      The Ringer’s Sean Fennessey, Chris Ryan, and Rob Harvilla remember the life and music of the late Tom Petty.




      Bill James on His New Book 'The Man From the Train' (Ep. 358)

      The Ringer's Ben Lindbergh talks to author, historian, and statistician Bill James about his new true-crime book, 'The Man From the Train: The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery,' in which James attempts to identify the man who may have been the deadliest serial killer in American history.