Chloe in the Racks

Follow along as Chloe searches through Siren Records racks, explores new and old music, and finds out where they are today.



episode 8: #8 - KITTENS

Chloe is back after summer break with Rancid X, Vice Squad, the Nuns, Super Heroines, the Kids, Teenage Head, and Acid PLUS kittens that need a home! ACID Video:


 2018-09-07  38m

episode 7: #007 - ugh i did it wooo

Chloe drags herself to the mic to talk about Roxy, American Tears, Werewolves, Laughing Dogs, and Princess Pang


 2018-07-20  28m

episode 6: S2E006 - bay city rollers. rip alan longmuir :'(

all bay city rollers as promised. rip alan longmuir :'(


 2018-07-06  32m

episode 5: #005 This shit is catchy as hell

Chloe is back with cott Wilk + the Walls, the Raves, the Motors, and Artful Dodger


 2018-06-22  28m

episode 4: #004 - Elektric Rockets

Chloe is back after a week of with the Vels, the Rockets, the Sports, and the Elektrics


 2018-06-08  29m

episode 3: S2E003 - Neon Human Vapor Sex

Chloe is back with Neon Hearts, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Human Sexual Response, and the Vapors!


 2018-05-18  33m

episode 2: 50% OFF

Chloe's back at it with David Werner, the Hitmen, Shoes, and the Suburbs.


 2018-05-04  25m

episode 1: S2E001 - RSD!!!

Chloe is back! And we're kicking off Season 2 with RSD!!


 2018-04-20  43m

episode 91: #91 - FINALLY

WOW I FINALLY RECORDED A PODCAST this has the LAMF tribute band or whatever they are, and the Gap Band, and Dave Greenfield & JJ Burnel.


 2017-12-19  27m

episode 90: Spooky Time!!!

i tried to make this as halloween-y as possible. Snips, Spitballs, the Headboys, and Bugs Tomorrow. - Chloe And if someone hand told me it was a halloween episode, I'd have rushed this a lot faster. Oh well, enjoy!  - The Editor


 2017-11-14  30m