Make tooth time easy with this morning and night tooth brushing show for kids. Kids will hear jokes, riddles, stories, fun facts, silly songs and more, that’ll keep them giggling - and brushing - for the full two minutes that dentists recommend. Chompers will have kids reminding parents that it's time to brush, not the other way around! Recommended for tooth brushers ages 3 - 7.

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Chompers: The Musical Night Kid's Choice (7-30-2023)

We're back with more of your excellent advice for kids like Dani who are going to the dentist!


 July 30, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical Morning Kid's Choice (7-30-2023)

We asked you Chompions for advice about going to the dentist for the first time!


 July 30, 2023  2m

Chompers: The Musical - "Finale" (7-29-2023)

Now that Dani knows that the big kid dentist is no big deal, she has a lot to report back to her friends at school, in the finale of Chompers: The Musical!


 July 29, 2023  5m

Chompers: The Musical - "Meet the Dentist" (7-29-2023)

Today on Chompers: The Musical, Dani meets the dentist, who explains what SOUNDS she’s hearing during her appointment.


 July 29, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical - "Take It From a Goldfish" (7-28-2023)

Dani gets some advice from a very strange character - a talking, singing fish in the dentist’s waiting room!


 July 28, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical - "I Want to Be Brave (Reprise)" (7-28-2023)

Dani's brother and mom remind Dani that she can be brave on the day of her dentist appointment.


 July 28, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical - "Mom's Lullaby" (7-27-2023)

Tonight on Chompers: The Musical, Dani’s mom sings her a lullaby to help her get back to sleep after her wild dream.


 July 27, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical - "The DENT-ist" (7-27-2023)

With the dentist on her mind, Dani falls asleep and has a wild dream … about the DENT-ist.


 July 27, 2023  4m

Chompers: The Musical - "I Want to Be Brave" (7-26-2023)

Tonight on Chompers: The Musical, Dani’s been feeling a little nervous about her trip to the dentist - but learns that she has what it takes to be BRAVE.


 July 26, 2023  3m

Chompers: The Musical - True or False (7-26-2023)

Finally, some answers! Dani’s mom helps her understand what’s TRUE, and what’s FALSE, about seeing the big kid dentist.


 July 26, 2023  2m