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It is safe to say that I have wandered a bit. I served in the military, flew some jets, jumped out of most, climbed mountains (I jumped off of them too), taught fitness, owned a gym, and have spent the last few years speaking to organizations and leaders. It has been a journey, and in all honesty, I have no idea where it is going. I seek the things that make me uncomfortable. I move towards things that scare me. I think you should too

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Full Auto Friday - Round 33

Full Auto Friday Christmas edition! I received many questions asking about what I wanted to receive as a gift, what my favorite gifts have been, what have been the most meaningful, etc. I chose to answer none of them, and instead have devoted this...


 2020-12-25  14m

Episode 159 - Nick Albin AKA "Chewy"

Nick Albin, known to most in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community as “Chewy” is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and the owner/head instructor at Derby City Mixed Martial Arts in Louisville, KY. Chewy started training in 2003, receiving his black belt from...


 2020-12-21  1h58m

Full Auto Friday - Round 32 with Brian Bishop

Probationary Full Auto Friday co-host Brian Bishop returns for his monthly episode. Questions asked by the audience and answered with a five-minute time cap. 1. My fiance keeps telling me if I get COVID and die it's my fault 2. Suicide. Could I have...


 2020-12-18  46m

Episode 158 - Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford is a former American football punter who has been a member of the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and New York Giants. He won Super Bowl XLVI as a member of the Giants. After leaving the...


 2020-12-14  2h23m

Full Auto Friday - Round 31

Rapid-fire listener Q and A with a 5-minute time cap per question.  Submit questions through the podcast website if interested.  1. What makes a friend 2. Death, and its ability to make life more precious 3. My co-workers suck, minimum...


 2020-12-11  36m

Episode 157 - Evan Hafer and Trevor Thompson

Evan Hafer is the founder and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee. Prior to his love affair with coffee, he served as a contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency as well as serving in the United States Army as a Special Forces Soldier (Green Beret)....


 2020-12-07  2h39m

Full Auto Friday - Round 30 with Evan Hafer and Trevor Thompson

Special Full Auto Friday episode with guest hosts Evan Hafer and Trever Thompson from Black Rifle Coffee.  Rapid-fire Q and A with a five-minute time cap on all answers... 1. Favorite art/music/bands. 2. How to prepare for and handle...


 2020-12-04  31m

Episode 156 - Keith Barry

Navy SEAL Chief Keith Barry spent more than 18 years serving his country before being wrongfully convicted of rape and serving two and a half years in prison. He had also been required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and was...


 2020-11-30  2h48m

Full Auto Friday - Round 29

Last week's episode stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest with my answer/suggestions to a doctor expressing signs of burnout.  A few from the medical field reached out, and I appreciate their time and thoughts.  Let's dig back into this...My...


 2020-11-27  30m

Episode 155 - Paul Sharp and Travis Davison

Endurance events, police reform, the law enforcement community policing their own, performance-enhancing drugs, Jiu-Jitsu, oh yes, we covered it all. Enjoy! Paul Sharp retired from a twenty-year career in law enforcement from the city of Elgin,...


 2020-11-23  2h9m