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episode 511: Episode 342 Side B: November 2019 Catch Up (Part 2)

Armond & Doc continue on this week to talk about if Drake was "cancelled", what's going on with Frank Ocean, and new music from Gangstarr, Wale, Westside Gunn, and Dave East.


 2019-11-13  51m

episode 510: Episode 342 Side A: November 2019 Catch Up (Part 1)

Armond & Doc return after a week off to talk about everything from Drake getting booed at Camp Flog Gnaw to Disney+ to Kanye's take on Crocs to Tyga flipping " yeah, it's one of those episodes.


 2019-11-13  48m

episode 509: Episode 341 Side C: Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King' (Part 2)

Armond & Doc wrap up their conversation about Kanye West and the new album 'Jesus Is King' and go track-by-track in true CRS fashion. Does it live up to their expectations? Is Kanye using 'Christian-ese'? Is it better than 'Ye'? Should people really b


 2019-10-30  1h15m

episode 508: Episode 341 Side B: Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King' (Part 1)

Armond & Doc continue on this week with the first part of their in-depth discussion on Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King', and they're covering everything - what's been discussed during interviews & promo spots, the general public's reaction to Kanye's religiou


 2019-10-30  1h6m

episode 507: Episode 341 Side A: TDE vs. Death Row + More

Armond & Doc are back to discuss if Snoop's claim that TDE is a "better version" of Death Row, plus Lizzo giving credit to a viral tweet, efficient concerts, & more.


 2019-10-30  34m

episode 506: Episode 340 Side B: Trackmasters #Definitive15

Armond & Doc continue on this week with a look back at one of the more underrated production groups of the 90s by naming their #Definitive15 Trackmasters songs. Spanish guitars? Check. Handclaps? Check. Puffy jacking credit? Check. More hits than you t


 2019-10-23  1h21m

episode 505: Episode 340 Side A: October 2019 Randomness

Armond & Doc return after a week off to talk about Frank Ocean's new single, Kanye's release date, artists cancelling tour dates, & more.


 2019-10-23  52m

episode 504: Episode 339 Side C: #Definitive15 Discographies (Part 2)

Armond & Doc wrap up this week with part 2 of their conversation about the #Definitive15 discographies in hip-hop.


 2019-10-09  39m

episode 503: Episode 339 Side B: #Definitive15 Discographies (Part 1)

Armond & Doc continue on this week by diving into what they think are the #Definitive15 discographies, and it's a doozy. What makes a rapper's discography definitive? Do you reward consistency or moments of brilliance? All that and a lot more.


 2019-10-09  48m

episode 502: Episode 339 Side A: NBA vs. China, AEW vs. WWE, & More

Armond & Doc are back this week to talk about everything from the new wrestling TV wars to the NBA's China situation to Travis Scott's new single. Plus Doc gets on his soapbox and more.


 2019-10-09  38m