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CNN10 - 5/22/19

A food shortage spreads in Cuba, international linguists name the hardest words to spell, and we examine the industry of plant-based meat alternatives.


 2019-05-22  10m

CNN10 - 5/21/19

A CNN investigation indicates that humanitarian aid is being misused in Yemen, and a new study contrasts the effects of ultraprocessed and unprocessed foods.


 2019-05-21  10m

CNN10 - 5/20/19

The U.S. and Iran ramp up tensions but say no war is imminent, grocery chains face dynamic challenges, and two CNN Heroes team up to help improve a girl's life.


 2019-05-20  10m

CNN10 - 5/17/19

Today's reports on a U.S. executive order, a partial ban on facial recognition systems, and a flying taxi involve issues of security, privacy, and technology.


 2019-05-17  10m

CNN10 - 5/16/19

Today's show explains legal action involving the U.S. real estate industry. We're also reporting on robocalls and the impact of space exploration on pop culture.


 2019-05-16  10m

CNN10 - 5/15/19

North Korea faces a food shortage, India fights misinformation as its election winds down, and scientists say there's evidence that the moon is shrinking.


 2019-05-15  10m

CNN10 - 5/14/19

International tensions boil in Middle Eastern waters, officials say some oil ships were intentionally damaged, and grammarians sound off on Neil Armstrong.


 2019-05-14  10m

CNN10 - 5/13/19

A trade dispute heats up on both sides of the Pacific, a U.S. landmark turns 150 years old, and a new study suggests wasps are capable of transitive inference.


 2019-05-13  10m

CNN10 - 5/10/19

Chinese facilities for Uyghur Muslims stir international controversy, an ancient artifact is returned to Europe, and a bobcat tries his paw at flagpole sitting.


 2019-05-10  10m

CNN10 - 5/9/19

Iran partially withdraws from a nuclear deal, the U.S. issues new sanctions on Iran, some protesters speak out against Uber, and AI makes its way into business.


 2019-05-09  10m