Far-reaching conversations with a worldwide network of scientists and mathematicians, philosophers and artists developing new frameworks to explain our universe's deepest mysteries. Join host Michael Garfield at the Santa Fe Institute each week to learn about your world and the people who have dedicated their lives to exploring its emergent order: their stories, research, and insights…

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episode 92: Miguel Fuentes & Marco Buongiorno Nardelli on Music, Emergence, and Society

One way to frame the science of complexity is as a revelation of the hidden order under seemingly separate phenomena — a teasing-out of music from the noise of history and nature. This effort follows centuries of work to find the rules that structure language, music, and society...



episode 91: Steven Teles & Rajiv Sethi on Jailbreaking The Captured Economy (EPE 04)

As the old nut goes, “To the victor go the spoils.” But if each round of play consolidates the spoils into fewer hands, eventually it comes to pass that wealthy special interests twist the rules so much it undermines the game itself. When economic power overtakes the processes of democratic governance, growth stagnates, and the rift between the rich and poor becomes abyssal. Desperate times and desperate measures jeopardize the fabric of society...



episode 90: Caleb Scharf on The Ascent of Information: Life in The Human Dataome

Chances are you’re listening to this on an advanced computer that fits in your pocket, but is really just one tentacle tip of a giant, planet-spanning architecture for the gathering and processing of data...


 2022-08-19  1h22m

episode 89: Daniel Lieberman on Evolution and Exercise: The Science of Human Endurace

Human beings are distinctly weird. We live for a very long time after we stop reproducing, move completely differently than all of our closest relatives, lack the power of chimpanzees and other primates but completely outdo most other terrestrial mammals in a contest of endurance...


 2022-08-03  52m

episode 88: Aviv Bergman on The Evolution of Robustness and Integrating The Disciplines

Ask any martial artist: It’s not just where a person strikes you but your stance that matters. The amplitude and angle of a blow is one thing but how you can absorb and/or deflect it makes the difference. The same is true in any evolutionary system...


 2022-07-18  1h14m

episode 87: Sara Walker on The Physics of Life and Planet-Scale Intelligence

What is life, and where does it come from? These are two of the deepest, most vexing, and persistent questions in science, and their enduring mystery and allure is complicated by the fact that scientists approach them from a myriad of different angles, hard to reconcile. Whatever else one might identify as universal features of all living systems, most scholars would agree life is a physical phenomenon unfolding in time...


 2022-07-02  1h22m

episode 86: Dmitri Tymoczko on The Shape of Music: Mathematical Order in Western Tonality

Math and music share their mystery and magic. Three notes, played together, make a chord whose properties could not be predicted from those of the separate notes. In the West, music theory and mathematics have common origins and a rich history of shaping and informing one another’s field of inquiry...


 2022-06-19  1h25m

episode 85: Seth Blumsack on Power Grids: Network Topology & Governance

We lead our lives largely unaware of the immense effort required to support them. All of us grew up inside the so-called “Grid” — actually one of many interconnected regional power grids that electrify our modern world. The physical infrastructure and the regulatory intricacies required to keep the lights on: both have grown organically, piecemeal, in complex networks that nobody seems to fully understand. And yet, we must...


 2022-06-04  1h7m

episode 84: Ricardo Hausmann & J. Doyne Farmer on Evolving Technologies & Market Ecologies (EPE 03)

As our world knits together, economic interdependencies change in both shape and nature. Supply chains, finance, labor, technological innovation, and geography interact in puzzling nonlinear ways...


 2022-05-21  1h20m

episode 83: Eric Beinhocker & Diane Coyle on Rethinking Economics for A Sustainable & Prosperous World (EPE 02)

“Premature optimization is the root of all evil."
— Donald Knuth

In the digital era, data is practically the air we breathe...


 2022-05-07  50m