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Douglas Lute on Conflict Zone

How will the chaotic end to the US war in Afghanistan affect Washington’s relations with European allies, partners in the region, and those left behind? Former US Deputy National Security Advisor Douglas Lute says it’s not a proud moment for America, but argues that the status quo was unsustainable.



German election: Conflict Zone special

The Christian Democrats and the Greens are set to play a key role in Germany's upcoming election. But are they capable of leading Germany into a new era? DW's Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian talks to representatives of both parties: David McAllister for the CDU and Franziska Brantner for the Greens.



Jawed Ludin on Conflict Zone

Governing Afghanistan today will not be easy. The 1990s was a completely different time. ''Resistance will continue" claims Jawed Ludin, a former advisor to President Hamid Karzai in an interview with Tim Sebastian on Conflict Zone this week. He also admits: ''One thing that has changed is that today's Taliban have a very deep-seated vengeance."


 2021-09-09  26m

Gowher Rizvi on Conflict Zone

For years, the government of Bangladesh has been criticized for its human rights record. Its reputation received another jolt this month with allegations of high-level bribery and corruption. DW’s Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian confronts Gowher Rizvi, international affairs adviser to the country’s prime minister.


 2021-09-01  26m

Yusuf Tuggar on Conflict Zone

Has President Buhari lost control in Nigeria? Government crackdowns on protesters and a Twitter ban suggest weakness at the top, while citizens face rising terrorism. Conflict Zone meets Abuja’s ambassador to Germany.


 2021-08-25  26m

EU foreign policy: Time to drop unanimous voting?

Why does the EU so often punch below its weight? The Vice Chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee tells DW that EU may need to drop the unanimous decision-making on foreign policy to go forward.


 2021-08-18  26m

Zoran Zaev on Conflict Zone

There is "no alternative" to EU membership for North Macedonia, the prime minister says. But, after 16 years of waiting, can the country overcome serious hurdles to join the bloc? Zoran Zaev is on Conflict Zone.


 2021-07-21  26m

Dmytro Kuleba on Conflict Zone

The Ukrainian foreign minister joins Conflict Zone remotely from Kyiv and tells DW's Tim Sebastian that after the recent build-up of Russian troops at the border, "[w]hat is happening cannot be called a withdrawal."


 2021-07-01  26m

Dunja Mijatovic on Conflict Zone

The Council of Europe's verdict on human rights in Europe makes unpleasant reading, saying the continent's democratic environment and institutions are in "mutually reinforcing decline." What has gone so wrong?


 2021-06-09  26m

Hamas spokesman: We are working to avoid escalation

A cease-fire between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas has been holding after the recent surge in fighting, but it remains fragile. Is Hamas willing to take responsibility for its share of the blame, and is there any chance for peace talks to resume? Basem Naim, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, speaks to Conflict Zone. 


 2021-05-31  24m