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35 - Robin Hanson on Signaling and Self-Deception

If intros aren’t about introductions, then what’s…


 2018-02-28  1h5m

34 - Matt Levine Live at Bloomberg HQ

Is Matt Levine a modern-day Horace? Like Matt, Ho…


 2018-02-14  1h6m

33 - Charles C. Mann on Shaping Tomorrow’s World and the Limits to Growth

At the beginning of their conversation, Tyler dub…


 2018-01-31  55m

32 - Ross Douthat on Narrative and Religion

Last year, Tyler asked his readers “What Is the S…


 2018-01-17  1h25m

31 - Andy Weir on the Economics of Sci-Fi and Space

Before writing a single word of his new book Arte…


 2017-12-20  52m

BONUS - Doug Irwin on US Trade Policy

Tyler thinks Douglas Irwin has just released the …


 2017-11-29  57m

30 - Sujatha Gidla on being an Ant amongst the Elephants

Sujatha Gidla was an untouchable in India, but mo…


 2017-11-15  1h2m

BONUS - Steve Teles and Brink Lindsey on *The Captured Economy*

What happens when a liberal and a libertarian get…


 2017-11-01  52m

29 - Mary Roach on Disgust, Death, and Danger

Legal writing was never Mary Roach’s thing. She …


 2017-10-18  1h15m

28 - Larry Summers on Macroeconomics, Mentorship, and Avoiding Complacency

The economist, President Emeritus at Harvard Univ…


 2017-09-20  1h13m