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The Cooper & Anthony Show podcast brings you the advice on the complex topics of sex and relationships you’ve been searching for.  Hosts Dr. Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist and veteran Radio Personality Anthony Michaels, will tell us what we may not want to hear, but need to hear when it comes to the navigating the shifting sands of sex and relationship.  With a vulnerable, honest, and self-deprecating take on these issues, The Cooper & Anthony Show is sure to become one of your "must listen to” podcasts.    Visit their site: Tune into The Cooper & Anthony Show weeknights on:  96K Rock/Fort Myers - 98.7 The Shark/Tampa - X107.5 Xtreme Radio/Las Vegas -

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episode 28: Time For Us To Get Political

With a $600-a-week unemployment benefit expiring this week, senior White House aides continued to suggest Sunday that a jobless benefit that was too generous would discourage people from going back to work.  More at


 July 28, 2020  8m

episode 30: Emmy Nominees 2020

Netflix leads the way with 160 nominations and HBO tallies 107 — including 26 for "Watchmen" More at


 July 29, 2020  5m

episode 31: Quick News Hits

Quick News Hits, including, two identical twins from Australia named Anna and Lucy DeCinque have been dating the same guy, also, someone looked at the setlists for 50 major rock bands to find out which song they've played live the most.  More at


 July 29, 2020  4m

episode 33: Cooper's Book Celebritocracy Drops Today

Cooper's book celebritocracy drops today, you can buy it today!! Buy it here


 July 29, 2020  6m

episode 36: Do You Have a Human Name or a Dog Name?

Do you have a human name, or a dog name?  Someone posted a list of over 20 names, and asked people to vote if each one works better for a person or a dog.  A few "dog names" include Buddy, Ginger, Marley, and Bo.  People thought Charlie, Sammy, and Lucy work better for people.  And a few names that go both ways are Finn, Bailey, Max, and Ollie.  More at


 July 30, 2020  8m

episode 37: Do You Discuss Your Sex Life With Friends?

Americans are opening up about their sex lives more than ever — but ... Do you call up your best friend for a quick brag session.  More at


 July 30, 2020  4m

episode 38: Hypothetical Questions

A couple, fun, and occasionally thought provoking hypothetical questions, like "What do you wish grew on trees"? More at


 July 30, 2020  5m

episode 39: 1 Star Wednesday

"1 Star Wednesday" is when you read a handful of one-star reviews of local hospitality without identifying where the traveler stayed.  More at


 July 30, 2020  5m

episode 40: Ellen's Day Got Worse

Ellen DeGeneres staffers told Australian 'Today' producer he couldn't look at her ahead of interview.  More at


 July 31, 2020  4m

episode 41: Eminem Isn't On Snoop Dogg's List Of Top 10 Rappers

Snoop Dogg Saying Eminem Is Not on His Top 10 Rappers of All-Time List.  "Eminem! The Great White Hope. White rappers had zero respect in rap. Let's keep that one thou wow," Snoop Dogg said. "[Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in the position that he would be considered one of the top 10 rappers ever. I don't think so, but the game thinks that he's top 10 lyricists and everything that comes with it. That's just because he's with Dr. Dre." More at


 July 31, 2020  5m