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The Cooper & Anthony Show podcast brings you the advice on the complex topics of sex and relationships you’ve been searching for.  Hosts Dr. Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist and veteran Radio Personality Anthony Michaels, will tell us what we may not want to hear, but need to hear when it comes to the navigating the shifting sands of sex and relationship.  With a vulnerable, honest, and self-deprecating take on these issues, The Cooper & Anthony Show is sure to become one of your "must listen to” podcasts.    Visit their site: Tune into The Cooper & Anthony Show weeknights on:  96K Rock/Fort Myers - 98.7 The Shark/Tampa - X107.5 Xtreme Radio/Las Vegas -

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episode 33: The Worst Interview Ever

According to Anthony, this is the worst interview ever.  More at


 September 25, 2020  9m

episode 34: Burning Down The House

Cooper's apartment might be on fire.  During the show, she kept smelling something burning.  More


 September 26, 2020  11m

episode 35: National One-Hit Wonder Day

National One-Hit Wonder Day! A day where we can celebrate those songs that topped the charts but then their performers faded away from the music scene.  More at


 September 26, 2020  6m

episode 36: Man Dies After Eating Too Much Licorice

It's hard to exercise restraint when eating candy. For licorice lovers, indulging sparingly could actually be lifesaving.  A study published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine says a 54-year-old man died as a result of eating too much licorice. The man, a construction worker from Massachusetts, lost consciousness inside a fast-food restaurant and was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day.  More at


 September 26, 2020  7m

episode 37: Love Fraud on Showtime

Love Fraud is an American true crime documentary miniseries. It revolves around Richard Scott Smith, who used the internet to prey upon women in search of love and conned them. It premiered on August 30, 2020, on Showtime.  More at


 September 26, 2020  13m

episode 38: New Home Technology

Amazon and Ring is coming out with new home technology, will you be buying?  More at


 September 28, 2020  4m

episode 39: Pick Up A Young Girl In The Rain

Question:  If you are a 30+ year old man, should you pick up a young girl walking in the rain?  Even if you know her parents?  More at


 September 28, 2020  7m

episode 40: Did Cooper's Home Burn Down?

Friday night, during the show, Cooper smelled fire in her apartment.  Was New York burning?  Was her building burning?  More at


 September 28, 2020  5m

episode 41: Because 2020 Can't Be Crazy Enough

 Because 2020 can't be crazy enough.... Vin Diesel has to come out with his own song.  More at


 September 28, 2020  7m

episode 41: Demi Lovato And Her Boyfriend Break Up

Demi and Max had the unfortunate timing of meeting “a week” before the coronavirus sent them into quarantine together. But it didn’t matter. “I knew I loved him the night I met him,”  Now it's over.  More at


 September 29, 2020  8m