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Welcome to the Course Building Secrets® podcast. This podcast is THE place to learn how to create, sell, and automate profitable online course experiences. We will explore key tips and concepts to build a strong online course business that will allow you to leverage your time and expertise to ultimately impact more people.

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episode 189: 4 Steps To Clarify Your Course Path

In this episode, Tara gives 4 steps to determine the best path for your Ideal avatar. This episode is a must-have to determine WHO you will serve and how you will help them get results.


 2021-10-18  15m

episode 188: Can You Launch with an 80% Product? Heck Yeah!

In this episode, Tara challenges you to launch that program you have even before it is PERFECT! Because to get in the game is way more important than perfection!


 2021-10-15  11m

episode 187: Choose Your Own Adventure

In this episode, Tara gives you a course-building tip that will transform the way you create your online program.


 2021-10-13  10m

episode 186: You Can Achieve Great Things

In today's episode, Tara talks about the 3 steps for achieving your big vision or dream because sometimes it isn't as easy as you want it to be.


 2021-10-11  15m

episode 185: Wait, What? Here Is Why You Can Cut 80% Of Your Course Content

In this episode, Tara gives a critical course-building tip that will literally save you hours and hours of creating extra content that probably isn't even needed for your learners.


 2021-10-05  10m

episode 184: How Your Business Is More Like a Marathon Vs a Sprint...

In this episode, Tara gives a key business-building tip: enjoy the training and the journey because that is where the real magic happens!


 2021-10-01  8m

What You Need Before a Funnel, Offer or Website

In this episode, Tara gives you a key tip about what you need before you start creating your funnels, offers, etc.


 2021-09-22  4m

episode 183: Is Your Online Program Like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book?

In this episode, Tara gives tips on how to create the right learning paths within your online program to engage your learners where THEY are in your course journey.


 2021-09-21  18m

episode 182: Do You Have Vision? See More Clearly With These Steps

In this episode, Tara gives tips to keep track of your vision as you build your online business empire.


 2021-08-20  6m

episode 181: How to Make Your Customers Feel Like It's Sample Day at Costco

In this episode, Tara gives a key tip to help you re-think about how you use your free offer to attract your ideal people.


 2021-08-18  4m