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Nerd culture podcast that aims to bring out the inner nerd in all of us! Celebrate your inner nerd by uncovering books, video games and comic book gems from the past and present and analyzing them from a nerd perspective.

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episode 36: The Barbarian Invasion EP 22

We sat down with local comic artist Lee Bokma to talk about where he gets some of the inspiration for his art. The 3 we talked about today are Robert E Howards Conan, Thundarr the Barbarian and The Warlord. Listen to all the details. Episode Links: Art o...


 2018-09-12  59m

episode 35: Low barrier of entry

Darkness and horror stories from Carl then some encouragement I know you need. Finally two fantastic comics you will want to check out.  Let’s get started and nerd it up.  ----more---- Links in the episode: Art of Lee Bokma MEGA podcast That One Time I w...


 2018-08-18  12m

episode 34: Comic Con is summer camp

Why local cons Rock! And review writer Carl D Smith who shows you how the sausage is made.  ----more---- Con debriefing Small nerdy cons are the best! Everyone is nice and helpful. I had the honor and privilege to be on a panel with 2 other local podcast...


 2018-07-25  10m

episode 30: Building your community

Today we will be talking about community building then Faith from Valiant comics. Links in the Episode: Roseto PA Article Faith Herbert Wikia Shout Outs MEGA podcast That one time I was abducted Two Headed Nerds Bandrew Says podcast ----mo...


 2018-07-13  12m

episode 29: East of West and nerdy dad time

East of West comic book by Jonathan Hickman   This is the world. It is not the one we wanted, but it is the one we deserved. Is a quote from the East of West comic book series. ----more---- The comic received nominations for Best Writer, Best Continuing ...


 2018-06-23  10m

episode 28: Amazon and Middle Earth

Today we will discuss what Amazon should do with the LOTR and then take a wild ride back in time to the early 90’s video games with Wil Wheaton. Let’s nerd it up. Thank you for listing I appreciate the time you give me. I hope I can make it worth your ti...


 2018-06-09  10m

episode 27: Who's a DND Virgin?

Today we will talk about who is a DND virgin, a fantastic comic book from Dark Horse and finally exciting marvel card series from 1992. ----more---- Download show notes here


 2018-05-21  10m

episode 26: Nerdy things we have in common

Today on the covert nerd podcast we will be talking about focusing on the things we have in common, then a Wrestling podcast I know you will love. Lastly a look at a comic book that takes a dark twist on the Biblical flood.   Covert Nerd Website ----more...


 2018-04-30  11m

episode 25: Retro Recycling

Today we discuss passing on nerd hobbies, then a fun podcast called Daydream Instruction Manual.  Finally the fabulous comic book Invincible.  ----more---- It’s interesting how popular nerd hobbies are passed down to the next generation more now than the...


 2018-04-16  11m

episode 24: Artist and creator Nate Hamel

Today I sat and talked with artist and creator Nate Hamel. He gives us all some great advice as far as becoming an artits and life in general. He tells us about his work he has done over the years and the nerdy stuff he likes. You can find out more about...


 2018-03-30  49m