Crimes and Consequences

Love true crime podcasts but bored with all the off-topic banter? Listen to the hosts of Crimes and Consequences, two attorneys skilled in the art of wit and sarcasm, dive into the details of horrifying tales of the ultimate betrayal - murder.

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EP112: The Escort Killer

When 21-year-old Misty McGugin failed to pick up her son as scheduled on February 2, 1998, her family knew something was very wrong. They reported her missing two days later when they found her abandoned car at a nearby bar. Misty had been working as...



EP111: Kween Spade - The Carina Saunders Story

Warning: This episode is very disturbing. In 2011, Carina Saunders, an intelligent and gifted 19-year-old, was found dismembered and decapitated behind a grocery store near Oklahoma City. Was her death a pre-planned snuff video made to serve as a...



Introducing: The Shrink Next Door

Introducing "The Shrink Next Door" Veteran journalist Joe Nocera’s neighbor in the Hamptons was a therapist named Ike. Ike counted celebrities and Manhattan elites as his patients. He’d host star-studded parties at his eccentric vacation house. But...



EP110: Murder At The Lake House

18-year-old Gina Hall was taking summer classes at Radford University in 1980. On June 28th, Gina finished her last exam for the semester and wanted to go out dancing. She usually went with her older sister Dlana, or with friends, but that night she...



EP109: The Girl Inside the Wall

Marie Moore, a 35-year-old mother from New Jersey, convinced a group of young teens to submit to systemic torture and sexual abuse for months. One of the teens, a 14-year-old boy named Ricky, was given the role of enforcer whose job was to dole out...



Introducing: Operator

During the 1-900 number craze of the Nineties, one company provided the vast majority of phone sex. American Telnet was an empire founded by the man who called himself “The Telephone Pimp.” He ran the company “like General Motors” and got filthy rich...



EP108: Death on Campus

On the evening of August 28, 1986, college student Katy Hawelka was celebrating the start of a new school year with friends at local bars near the college campus of Clarkson University, where she went to school. She and a friend left the bar around...



Introducing: Shadow of Truth

It’s one of the most haunting murder cases you’ll ever hear about, and it takes place in a small town in Israel. Tair Rada was only 13-years-old when her body was found inside a locked bathroom stall. She was viciously murdered during a school day,...


 2021-10-27  6m

EP107: The Halloween From Hell

When Rose answered the door around 10:00 pm on Halloween night in 1986, she expected to be greeted by kids trick-or-treating. Instead, she was ambushed by two men wearing spooky masks, wigs, long black capes, and brandishing guns. One of these men...


 2021-10-25  44m

EP106: The Walking Dead (Peter Porco's Story)

In the early morning hours of November 15, 2004, attorney Peter Porco stumbled out of bed and went about his morning routine completely oblivious to the horror that surrounded him. Only a few hours earlier two people had been savagely attacked in his...


 2021-10-18  44m