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Join two attorneys, Talia and Tonya, as they dive deep into the gritty details of true crime stories. Listen to true crime cases you have never heard before and the classic tales you hate to love. From serial killers to deadly stalkers, Crimes & Consequences covers them all.

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EP68: Death of a DEA Agent in Mexico

In 1983, four American Jehovah's Witnesses inadvertently knocked on the door of drug lord Ernesto Fonseca. Paranoid they were undercover DEA agents, he had his henchmen (one being El Chapo) kidnap, torture, rape, murder, and dismember them. Then, a...



EP67: The Secret Witness

The “Secret Witness” hotline was established in Shasta County, CA to take anonymous tips about crimes that occurred in the county. On the evening of June 19, 1985, a tip came in concerning a missing person, Averill Weeden. Averill disappeared on May...



EP66: Forces of Evil/The Stocking Strangler

The media in Columbus, Georgia gave the name "The Stocking Strangler" to a serial killer in the area that preyed on elderly white women in 1978. In April of that year, a local newspaper and the police began receiving letters from an alleged vigilante...



episode 65: EP65: The Man in the Wolf Mask

On Halloween night 1984, Doreen Erbert was 8 months pregnant. She and her second husband, Charles were going to welcome a baby boy in about a month. Doreen and Charles were ecstatic at the prospect of being parents again, especially after they suffered p...



episode 64: EP64: The Gypsy Hill Murders

In a six-month time span in 1976, five women were murdered near Gypsy Hill Road in San Francisco, California.   Another woman named Michelle Mitchell was murdered in a similar manner in Reno, Nevada and investigators believed all of the killings were lin...



episode 63: EP63: The Sunday Morning Slasher

In the 1970s there was someone lurking, stalking, and attacking women in the Metro Detroit area. The viciousness and brutality increased with each attack until women were ending up dead in truly grotesque ways. The attacks in Michigan ended in 1981 becau...


 2020-12-21  37m

episode 62: EP62: Don't Go in the Basement!

A week before Christmas in 1983, Kathy Smith went shopping for gifts for her three children.  Later that evening, when she returned home in Philadelphia, she noticed the lights weren't working throughout most of the house.  She called her mother, who liv...


 2020-12-14  39m

episode 61: EP61:The Narco-Satanist Cult Killings

Mark Kilroy and his friends decided to go on Spring Break 1989 to South Padre Island in Texas. In the midst of their partying, Mark and his friends decided to cross the American/Mexican border one night to check out the nightlife in Matamoros, Mexico. Li...


 2020-12-07  44m

episode 60: EP60: Brittany Killgore's BDSM Nightmare

Brittany Killgore was a beautiful 22-year-old woman married to Marine Cory Killgore.   Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Fallbrook, California, near the Camp Pendleton base.  While there, Cory got sent to Afghanistan and their marriage fell apa...


 2020-11-30  53m

episode 59: EP59: The Caffey Family Massacre

In the early morning hours of March 1, 2008, a call came into the local sheriff’s department that there had been a shooting at the Caffey family home in Alba, Texas. The deputy that responded to the call found the Caffey home ablaze when he got to there....


 2020-11-23  41m