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The Waves: Was the Women’s March Successful?

Five years after the first march, we look back on what’s changed, and what it was all for.



Outward: Counting Queers, Queering Sequels

Christina Cauterucci and Bryan Lowder welcome our new third co-host, Jules Gill-Peterson, and talk to author Dr. Kevin Guyan about his new book Queer Data. The crew then explores the trans storylines and general weirdness of And Just Like That, the “next chapter” in the Sex and the City universe, before adding more items to the Gay Agenda. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



ICYMI: How AIM Changed the Internet 4ever

AOL Instant Messenger was the beginning of the end when it came to logging off.



Culture Gabfest: Crushing Responsibility

This week, the panel begins by pondering Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut, The Lost Daughter. Then, the panel gushes about the fresh workplace comedy Abbott Elementary. Finally, the panel discusses everyone's latest obsession: the word game Wordle. In Slate Plus, the panel enters spoiler territory as they continue to puzzle out The Lost Daughter. Email us at



Working: How the Alien Languages in “Foundation” Were Created

This week, host Isaac Butler talks to Fionnuala Murphy, an actor and linguist who invented multiple alien languages for Apple TV Plus’s series Foundation. In the interview, Fionnuala explains how she landed the job, which was her first ever foray into language creation. Then she breaks down the process of designing the languages based on information she could gather from the scripts and conversations with the Foundation team...



ICYMI: Why the Internet Is Abuzz About Yellowjackets

The Showtime series about teens stranded in the woods has everybody running to Reddit.



Hit Parade: Rock ’n Soul, Part 1

Hall and Oates took a decade to find their sound, created their own ’80s genre and made their dreams come true.



Working: “Get Off the Freaking Internet”

Welcome to the debut episode of Working Overtime! In these bi-weekly episodes, June, Isaac, and Karen dissect creative advice​​—and sometimes offer it to listeners and each other. This week, they discuss a piece of advice from cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who argues that avoiding the Internet every once in a while can lead to more focus and productivity...



The Waves: What's Different About Women's Brains?

Breaking down misconceptions about intelligence



ICYMI: Since When Is Everyone an Empath?

And why is everybody mailing books to each other again?