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How Criminal Hackers Put on the White Hat

What do you picture when you read the word “hacker?” I always see Cereal, Matthew Lillard’s character, from the movie Hackers. A dude with weird hair, intense need to make information free, and copies of 2600 magazine scattered around his dank apartment. 

That image is, and always was, a fantasy. What hackers are, and what they’ve become, is complicated. The word was once synonymous with “criminal,” but through years of activism and hard work, that’s changed...



Signal’s CEO Steps Down Just As the App Starts Allowing Crypto Trades

Signal, the app, is synonymous with security. The end-to-end encrypted messaging platform is a go-to for discerning people who want to keep their communications private. Just remember to turn on the vanishing messages feature. But it’s CEO is stepping down. Moxie Marlinspike is out  and Whatsapp’s Brian Acton is in...



Piracy Will Never Die

Popcorn time, a place where millions of people gathered everyday to watch low-res streams of their favorite films, is dead.

Or is it? According to Motherboard Editor-in-Chief Jason Koebler, rumors of the demise of the Netflix of Piracy have been greatly exaggerated. According to Jason, Popcorn time is likely unkillable.

It’s the first Cyber back after the holiday break and there’s a lot to talk about...



‘Amazon Won’t Let Us Leave’

Deadly storms swept through parts of the U.S. last Friday, killing at least 90 people. Six of those worked in an Amazon warehouse in Illinois. As the deadly tornado hit the warehouse, the walls fell inward, the roof collapsed. Moments before his death, worker Larry Virden texted his girlfriend to say “Amazon won’t let us leave...


 2021-12-17  35m

The Crypto Plot to Buy the Constitution Was a Gigantic Disaster That Still Made Everyone Rich

In which we go deep on ConstitutionDAO, and DAOs in general.


 2021-12-10  34m

The Promise and Terror of Artificial Intelligence

Cyber’s intro music has clips from various movies. The first is from WarGames, a 1983 film where a hacker squares off against an artificial intelligence that’s in control of the nukes. Almost forty years later and AI is beating people at Starcraft 2, w...


 2021-12-03  56m

The Feds Say He’s a Crime Boss, He Says He’s Just a Tech CEO

Encrypted messaging apps. We all love them. You don’t have to be doing anything shady to want to make sure your messages are end-to-end encrypted. And for most people there’s dozens of options. Signal, Wicker, even WhatsApp boasts end-to-end encryption...


 2021-11-23  34m

Introducing: A Show About Animals

Today we are sharing an episode from one of our newest series -- A Show About Animals. This season, we tell the strange and wonderful story of the wildly famous Koko the “talking” Gorilla. In the early 1970s, a grad student named Penny Patt...


 2021-11-19  36m

What Apple’s New Repair Store Means for the Right-to-Repair

Apple recently announced a plan to sell customers manuals and parts that will let them fix their own iPhone 12s and 13s. It’s a huge win for the right to repair, but what are the specifics of the plan and what does it mean for the future of the repair ...


 2021-11-18  57m

The Metaverse Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool

The Metaverse. The term was coined by author Neal Stephenson in his book Snow Crash. It was a digital playground where people were only limited by their imagination.Facebook has changed its name to Meta and says it’s trying to make the metaverse a rea...


 2021-11-11  1h6m