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episode 118: You have to save your own life

It's been a minute guys sorry. I lost track of time during this eviction process. I'm still at the StarGate so there's your clue as to how it went ????. Been a year today from when I heard about Christopher's suicide.. a year since the rape and abduction. 10 years ago tomorrow since I moved to AZ.. that's a mind blower for me...



episode 117: Is It Real or is it Memorex Matrix Style?

So I've been served eviction papers. Which I am looking at as if my soul is being returned to me right what's that all about. Not sure. But either way I'm still listening to and following the inner voice prepping for I don't know what.. and if shit weren't so crazy I might be looked at as insane but even my mortal enemies know that is indefensible.. anyway delusional or not I'm pretty damn grateful to be the one in this fight with Running Bear RV Resort lakeside AZ 85929....



episode 115: Splintered Cell Run.- Rock Bottom Story Tellers III

This is the runthrough audio I did of my story for Rock Bottom Storytellers III. You can find the live video on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/rFDB2I4yQYA. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dawn-sherine/message


 2021-08-27  16m

episode 114: AND THE BEAT GOES ON

hey everyone.. still above ground. Things are as weird as you could imagine and maybe I am in some form of long form delusion.. not sure. Rock Bottom story tellers Aug. 25th 830pm eat. Look for more info on Dancing with Bipolar Instagram. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dawn-sherine/message


 2021-08-20  21m

episode 113: And then God told me to listen to him..So I did.

Hey. I've really been going through it here in the ghetto. Pending eviction death threats macing of Peanut and being led by God the whole time. The fact I'm not inpatient with all the haters around me leads me to believe it's all true including the astonishing number of downloads on Apple. So this is my story of how God or some other being has kept me safe. RockBottom storytellers Aug. 25th 830 pm est live on YouTube. I love my posse...


 2021-08-10  25m

episode 112: The DOC Show. A tribute to the dog that saved me.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Doc completed his mission and moved on. This is a brief history of my Boo Bah and how he changed my life. Also a very brief rundown on my current situation and a lot of things that I can not talk about that are affecting my daily life at this time. Moving is imminent. Much love to Mongolia.. Malta . and Nepal... STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dawn-sherine/message


 2021-07-25  27m

episode 112: The Past History show

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS. Ok. So I really have nothing to hide.. I dont hold any shame around my choices anymore. Ive done the hard work with therapy. 12 step meetings and some true dark night of the soul scenarios. However there are two topics here I haven't actually spoken about on the show.. The choice I made at 17 to gift my daughter to a family (adoption) and my brutally violent 2 year marriage.. I don't hide these parts of my life but there closed...


 2021-07-15  35m

episode 111: I FEEL GOOD. AKA the woo woo edition

I fill you guys in on how I shifted that negative mindset from last week of feeling like the world was against me to maybe it wasn't the whole world.. I do realize how each of us affects the whole.. I speak about a very profound experience I had on Clubhouse where some deep seated (intergenerational) emotional wounds were released as well as some nasty entities in my home. Woo woo or not I honestly feel reborn. Thank you to EVERYONE that reached out to me.. I got you back 100%.....


 2021-07-04  33m

episode 110: ????Just say NO to that rabbit hole????

I'm having a big bump in my stability due to forces beyond my control.. What I can control I am.. Asking for emotional help and guidance from those that love me and that I trust.. See I do follow my own advice. ???? it's not all bad though I just need to snorkel through some sh*t.. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dawn-sherine/message


 2021-06-26  29m

episode 109: What came first : Stigma vs Shame

I am completely transparent about two incidents this week that I am NOT proud of. Not happy about the way I handled them and truly felt ashamed about my behaviour. We all have less than stellar moments don't let them keep you down. I also talk about my VURBL Ambassadorship. The app which I am trying out on the Mighty Networks and my new amazing mentor and coach Seneca Dunmore (yay...


 2021-06-18  42m