Data Engineering Podcast

This show goes behind the scenes for the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

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episode 69: Building Machine Learning Projects In The Enterprise

An interview about how to build, launch, and maintain machine learning products


 2019-02-11  48m

episode 68: Cleaning And Curating Open Data For Archaeology

An Interview About Building An Open Data Platform For Archaeologists


 2019-02-04  1h0m

episode 67: Managing Database Access Control For Teams With strongDM

An Interview About strongDM's Approach To Managing Access To Multiple Databases


 2019-01-29  42m

episode 66: Building Enterprise Big Data Systems At LEGO

Building internal expertise around big data in a large organization is a major competitive advantage. However, it can be a difficult process due to compliance needs and the need to scale globally on day one. In this episode Jesper Søgaard and Keld Antonsen share the story of starting and growing the big data group at LEGO...


 2019-01-21  48m

episode 65: TimescaleDB: The Timeseries Database Built For SQL And Scale

Checking In On The Time Series Database Market With TimescaleDB (Interview)


 2019-01-14  41m

episode 64: Performing Fast Data Analytics Using Apache Kudu

Bringing Fast Data To The Hadoop Ecosystem With Kudu (Interview)


 2019-01-07  50m

episode 63: Simplifying Continuous Data Processing Using Stream Native Storage In Pravega with Tom Kaitchuck

Stream-Native Storage For Unbounded Data With Pravega (Interview)


 2018-12-31  44m

episode 62: Continuously Query Your Time-Series Data Using PipelineDB with Derek Nelson and Usman Masood

Real-Time Analysis Of Time-Series Data In PostgreSQL With PipelineDB (Interview)


 2018-12-24  1h3m

episode 61: Advice On Scaling Your Data Pipeline Alongside Your Business with Christian Heinzmann

The Evolution Of ETL As A Function Of Business Growth (Interview)


 2018-12-17  39m

episode 60: Putting Apache Spark Into Action with Jean Georges Perrin

Tackling Apache Spark From The Data Engineer's Perspective (Interview)


 2018-12-10  50m