Deep Dive from The Japan Times

Looking beneath the surface of Japan. We hear from Japan Times journalists and guests with their fingers on the pulse of current events and trends in Japan. Hosted by Oscar Boyd.

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episode 74: Reimagining Japan’s post-pandemic tourism industry

International travelers to Japan increased from 8.6 million in 2010 to just shy of 32 million in 2019. But it’s not all been a positive story. Now with the pandemic reducing international tourism to near zero, what's next for Japan's travel industry?



episode 73: Japan's third wave of COVID-19

Japan is experiencing a record-breaking uptick in the number of coronavirus cases recorded nationwide. With the country entering winter, the question is, 'How big might this wave become?'



episode 72: Preserving the endangered Ainu language

The Ainu language has been declared critically endangered by UNESCO, with few people left alive today who speak it.



episode 71: CBD — Japan's path to medical marijuana?

Japan Times contributor Dan Buyanovsky explores Japan's growing CBD industry and whether it offers a path to the legalization of medical marijuana.



episode 70: Japan's got ghosts

What happens after the sun sets on the land of the rising sun?



episode 69: Why we should be celebrating Japan's tattoo culture

How did tattoos turn from Edo Period body art to being associated with the yakuza and criminal gangs?


 2020-10-21  30m

episode 68: Seven matches, seven masks, seven names

At the U.S. Open last month, Naomi Osaka wore a different mask for each match, each with the name of a Black person killed by the police in the United States.


 2020-10-14  29m

episode 67: 'Convenience Store Woman' and the art of translation

Ginny Tapley Takemori discusses the process of translating Japanese literature into English — an art that’s brought us the books of Japanese authors such as Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami and more recently a slew of new Japanese writers, particularly younger women such as Sayaka Murata and Mieko Kawakami.


 2020-10-08  30m

episode 66: K?ji — the magical mold of Japan

What makes k?ji, Japan's national mold, so special? How's it being used outside of Japan? And is it better than sourdough?


 2020-09-30  28m

(Bonus) The making of the Walkman

This week is a bonus episode that follows on from Episode 57, in which we talked with Matt Alt about his new book, "Pure Invention."


 2020-09-23  18m