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The deep tech track of the podcast is your source for deep tech, AI, and news content from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in English. We bring you stories from deep tech startups working on cutting-edge technology in areas like manufacturing, materials, and robotics. You'll hear about the latest advancements in deep tech and AI, and get insights into what's driving innovation in these fields. Deep tech has become increasingly important as a source of innovation and economic growth, think advanced materials, and quantum computing. deep tech startups are often founded by scientists and engineers who have deep knowledge of a particular field like agriculture, life sciences, chemistry, aerospace, and green energy. These startups often have a strong focus on R&D and often require significant investment to get off the ground. However, deep tech startups also have the potential to create new industries and make a significant impact on the world economy. Whether you're a deep tech startup or just interested in keeping up with the latest developments, this track is for you.  We scored as a Global Top 200 Technology Podcast (Chartable)...

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episode 125: EXCLUSIVE: Ampere.Cloud Raised 5M € Series A Funding

Executive Summary In this exclusive piece, the green startup announced they raised 5 million Euros in venture capital for their Series A round to help achieve their goal of becoming the operating system for renewable energy. Their solution helps automate operations and monetize green assets for asset owners and managers. The funding round was led by Point 9 Capital and includes investors like Helloworld...



episode 124: Meet One Of The Investors Investing 300 m Euro For Europe’s Green Deal To Become Reality

The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) is a venture capital fund consisting of both public and private investors. It focuses on driving the transformation to a bio-based, sustainable economy throughout Europe. This venture underlines the EU's commitment to its Green New Deal and sets higher standards for venture capital projects...



episode 123: This Month in German, Swiss, and Austrian (GSA) Startups?—?February 2023

Rising interest rates are leading to an interest rate war between the neobrokers. We covered the troubled company, which is now liquidated. Farewell! Moonfare extended it’s Series C funding to more than 130 m US$, but we are not sure who invested in the last batch, since a fund is mentioned, that was also founded by Moonfare’s founder. The City of Mainz goes live with its quest to become a world-class biotech hub...


 2023-02-23  22m

episode 122: Reverse.Supply Offers Fashion Brands Second-Hand-Shops-as-a-Service is a startup that offers second-hand shops for fashing brands, not only the technical shop but also the logistics behind it. We interview one of the three co-founders Konrad, the CTO, who has extensive experience from ImmobilienScout24, insurtech FRI:DAY, and Solarisbank. is already working with companies like Globe Trotter, Armed Angels, and Bergzeit...


 2023-02-09  32m

episode 121: Immer.App Reinvents Reading For The Digital Age

Executive Summary

Immer.App is a startup that has been chosen for the 2022 CONTENTshift accelerator, whose impressive and unique technology is set to revolutionize the way we read in the digital age. Through their development of an innovative mobile, tablet, and web-based reader experience, Immer.App are strongly positioned to impact both smartphone users and publishers alike...


 2023-02-02  40m

episode 120: This Month in German, Swiss, and Austrian (GSA) Startups - January 2023

WeFox is under fire for growing with acquisitions of insurance broker pools, BioNTech makes largest acquisition in its history, DeepL confirms unicorn status and snipes at Grammarly, Solarisbank in trouble with BaFin, Trade Republic has to disclose numbers and Sono Motors gets longer runway with EU money.


 2023-01-26  25m

episode 119: This Month in German, Swiss, and Austrian (GSA) Startups - December 2022

Our Highlights: Enpal makes huge fundraising in the current environment, more than 800 mn €. Sennder doubles its valuation in the next funding round to 2 bn US$ and has already 60 mn commitments. The funding environment may be bleak, but investors announced new funds for VC and PE investments worth 3.1 bn US$ targeting startups and scaleups in GSA or Europe...


 2022-12-22  26m

episode 118: Is The "Operating System" for Freelancers is a startup platform explicitly designed for freelancers. Founded by Marc, a serial entrepreneur formerly with Team Europe Ventures and the founder of Sommelier Prive, Huus, code control, and The platform makes it easy for freelancers to find jobs, invoice clients, and get paid quickly and securely?-?most for free! It also helps companies in most steps of working with freelancers from searching and hiring to payment processing. Bootstrapped since its launch in 2016, 9am...


 2022-12-20  38m

episode 117: Meet the German Entrepreneur of the Year?-?Co-founder of Flix, which now owns Greyhound #GSA22

Jochen Engert won the German Startup Award 2022 as German Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the co-founder of Munich-based Flix a unicorn recently valued at 3 bn US$ and the owner of Greyhound Lines. He shares in this interview his entrepreneurial journey, and his experience in winning 90% of the local long-distance bus market in less than a decade, without owning even one bus...


 2022-12-15  49m

episode 116: Meet Filip, One of Germany's Most Successful Early Stage VCs from Cherry Ventures #GSA22

Filip is a founding partner of Cherry Ventures, one of Germany's most important seed investors. Their portfolio includes unicorns like Flixbus, Auto1 Group, Forto, Infarm, and well-known startups like Amorelie, Kitchen Stories, Flaschenpost, Spryker, and Superlist. Their portfolio also includes our former guests: Qualifyze, Sanity Group, and Rows. Filip has a background as an entrepreneur himself, so he and Cherry approach startup investing differently...


 2022-12-08  33m