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Diecast #337: Mailbag Delight

Good news for those of you who enjoy my droning voice: I’ll be on the Eh! Steve! Podcast in early April. We might talk about videogames. Or Steve. Not sure. Maybe I should get clarification. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast337 Link (YouTube) Show notes: 00:00 I’ll be on the Eh! Steve! Podcast […]


 2021-03-22  n/a

Diecast #336: Creepers, Butts, and Sonic Games

You’re late. You were supposed to be reading this an hour ago. Did you sleep in? No? Is this actually MY fault because I turned my clocks ahead on Sunday? Well, what was I supposed to do? Leave my clocks alone and use them to tell time like a sane person? Anyway, if this episode […]


 2021-03-15  n/a

Diecast #335: Fallen Order, Prodeus, Aurora

People have been telling me for years that the Persona series is brilliant and that I would love it. So then last week Persona 5 Strikers came out. Is this Persona 5 with some extra DLC? Is this a spin-off title? If so, is it anything like the core games? Normally you can read the […]


 2021-03-08  n/a

Diecast #334: Mailbag Binge

Paul is back, and this week we answer a record-breaking TEN emails. Ten is not a lot of number, but it’s still more than we’ve ever done before. Also, the ending music is several decibels lower now. I’ve been getting complaints about this. I suspect that people have been using my droning voice and banal […]


 2021-03-01  n/a

Diecast #333: Ross Returns

Once again I’m talking to Ross Zevenhuizen, a friend, collaborator on Good Robot, and one of many developers for Watch Dogs Legion. He was last on the show in Diecast #322 where we talked about Watch Dogs. This time he’s back to talk about this other projects and game development in general. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. […]


 2021-02-15  n/a

Diecast #332: Mailbag Speedrun

We tried to see how many mailbag questions we could do this week. As it turns out, the answer was “all of them”. There’s technically one question left, but it was a “What do you think of this video” type question, and I hadn’t watched the video. Paul will be away for a few weeks. […]


 2021-02-08  n/a

Diecast #331: Dyson Sphere Program, Per Aspera, Huniepop 2

Note that in a couple of weeks, Paul is going to be away. I don’t know if I’ll get a replacement host or if I’ll skip the show. We’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy Paul getting once again angry / incredulous at a game. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast331 Link (YouTube) Show […]


 2021-02-01  n/a

Diecast #330: Big Tech Rants, Mailbag

At the top of the show we joked that this is the “second or third” time Paul has been on the show. I just looked it up, and we’ve done 130+ episodes together. Time flies. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast330 Link (YouTube) Show notes: 00:00 Auto-login, Paypal and Microsoft. Tech company: You […]


 2021-01-18  n/a

Diecast #329: Survivor Mailbag

The good news is that I’ve survived another week. The bad news is that the weeks aren’t really improving in terms of quality. Oh well. At least it gives us something to complain about. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast329 Link (YouTube) Show notes: 00:00 We are both (probably) not dying of COVID-19. […]


 2021-01-11  n/a

Diecast #328: Happy New Year!

Thank goodness 2020 is over. COVID-19 has vanished, everyone’s jobs went back to normal, and Republicans and Democrats are finally friends again. I’m glad we put all of that unpleasantness behind us. Please enjoy this video game podcast where we spend an unusual amount of time talking about pornography and movies for some reason? Sorry […]


 2021-01-04  n/a