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Diecast #350: Mailbag Melee

We’re reached another big round number of Diecasts, so I feel like I should… do… something. Or say something. So here’s a fun fact… There are 79 episodes of the original Star Trek, 178 episodes of TNG, 176 of DS9, 172 of Voyager, and 98 episodes of Enterprise. An hour-long TV program in the USA […]



Diecast #349: Steam Summer Siege

I think I did okay with the Steam Summer Sale this year. I picked up a reasonable handful of games, but I didn’t add a bunch of crap to the Backlog of Shamefully Un-played Impulse Buys like I used to in the old days. I actually took this time to cull some stuff from my […]



Diecast #348: E3 Hangover

We spend most of the show talking about game demos and trailers. Which means the show notes are going to be a big wall of embedded videos. I realize this isn’t super-useful to those of you who read in an environment where you can’t watch videos, but this is what happens when you do an […]


 2021-06-21  n/a

Diecast #347: E3 Approaches

Like I said on the show, E3 kinda snuck up on me this year. It had barely started when we recorded this podcast, but it’ll be basically over by the time this goes live. Whatever. I doubt people come to my site because my coverage is timely. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast347 […]


 2021-06-14  n/a

Diecast #346: Mailbag Monday

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast346 Link (YouTube) Show notes: 00:00 Prey 05:15 Procgen in Blender 2.93 08:40 Microsoft Edge – Smart Enough to know when you’re trying to replace it! …but not smart enough to understand why I want to. 15:19 Mailbag: The Perfect Bethesda Dear Diecast, In the last episode you […]


 2021-06-07  n/a

Diecast #345: Everything is Out!

Check it out! Dynamo Dream is out! Mess Effect is out! Issac’s old computer is out. BioMutant is out! It’s Memorial Day in the US, which means school is out. Elliot Page is out. Gas prices are out[rageous]. This episode of the Diecast is out! My patience with hand-holdy games is out. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. […]


 2021-05-31  n/a

Diecast #344: Are We Having Fun Yet?

As I mention in the show, I’m a huge fan of watching people bumble bumble their way through Hitman levels. The thing is, it’s hard to find videos of this. A lot of videos are well-rehearsed runs by players who know what they’re doing. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a link in […]


 2021-05-24  n/a

Diecast #343: Still Alive

In case you missed it, I was in the hospital for a week. I’m still a little wobbly, but I’m on the mend. But if I eat right, exercise, take my meds, and avoid junk food from now on, then I can look forward to a long slow decline into old age, just like everyone […]


 2021-05-17  n/a

Diecast #342.5: Shamusless Videogames

Hosts: Paul, Anna. Episode edited by Paul. Diecast342.5 Link (YouTube) Anna and Paul are doing this episode because… 00:00 Shamus is in Hospital Shamus got a high score on the blood pressure machine and won a no-expenses-paid trip to the emergency room. Please donate to his paypal to help cover the costs. He would never […]


 2021-05-10  n/a

Diecast #342: Blender, Portal 2, Mailbag

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast342 Link (YouTube) 00:00 Just return it! 06:29 Blender Rescues Davinci Resolve 12:45 Portal 2 Reloaded 21:35 Mailbag: DOS Game Installer Nostalgia Dear Diecast Reminiscing about gaming when I grew up in the 90ies, there are obvious things one could be nostalgic for, like big boxes, hefty manuals […]


 2021-05-03  n/a