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Diecast #287: Endings, AI, and Mailbag

Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast287 Show notes: 00:00 Game of Thrones, Marvel, and Star Wars all Ended Last Year The other thing that changed after Avengers Endgame is I sorta lost interest in the theater. It’s expensive, I have to plan my day around showtimes, I can’t pause, the only food is […]


 2020-01-20  n/a

Diecast #286: Half-Life, Fallen Order, Mailbag

SoldierHawke is back, and so we spend a lot of the show talking about Valve games. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. Paul will be back next week for more of… whatever it is we do here. Hosts: SoldierHawke, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast286 Show notes: 00:00 Black Mesa – Xen is out! […]


 2020-01-13  n/a

Diecast #285: Guitar, Rimworld, Saints Row the Third

Happy New Year! Reminder: Next week I’ll have SoldierHawk on the show. If you have any questions for her, the show email is in the header image. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast285 Show notes: 00:00 Happy New Year I played games for the new year. I started playing Saints Row 3 at […]


 2020-01-06  n/a

Diecast #284: The Last Mailbag of 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever is appropriate in your culture. If you’re not celebrating anything right now, then have a great Monday! Also, say goodbye to the familiar header image. We’re getting a new one for the new year. In fact, I planned on having a new image every year, but I forgot in […]


 2019-12-23  n/a

Diecast #283: The Game Awards, System Shock Demo

Next week will be the last Diecast of 2019. We’re taking off Dec 30th, and we’ll be back on January 6th. So if you have any 2019-specific questions, then now is the time. Also! SoldierHawke will be visiting in mid-January, so don’t forget to send in your questions for her. The email is in the […]


 2019-12-16  n/a

Diecast #282: Christmas Lights, Streaming Services

As I said at the end of the show: SoldierHawke is coming to town. It’s been a year since her last visit. The plans aren’t finalized, but it looks like Monday January 13 2020 is going to be her show. If you have any questions for her, the show email is in the header image. […]


 2019-12-09  n/a

Diecast #281: PC Building, Fallen Order, Mailbag

We are very quickly running out of year! I need to spend the next couple of weeks in a mad panic, trying to make some kind of sense of the whole thing so I can write my end-of-year thoughts. In a fit of uncharacteristic productivity, we managed to clear out the mailbag this week. As […]


 2019-12-02  n/a

Diecast #280: Stadia, Jedi Fallen Order, Half-Life Alyx

If you want a podcast that’s an actual discussion and not me thoughtlessly talking over Paul for an hour, then don’t miss the Eh! Steve! Podcast this week, where I discuss Control with the hosts. Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac. Diecast280 Show notes: 00:00 DaVinci Resolve! Our first video produced with DaVinci Resolve […]


 2019-11-25  n/a