Disaster Podcast

This weekly program, brought to you through a partnership with Paragon Medical Education Group, is your connection to tips, news, information and field interviews on major disasters. The show will cover all major response incidents both natural and man-made in nature, providing you the information you need to better prepare for future responses with your Local, State, and Federal response agencies like FEMA. Join our show each week with hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and paramedic/educator Sam Bradley as they bring you this unique program for first responders, paramedics, nurses, doctors, public health officials and more!




      Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) with Daniel Zehner

      Daniel Zehner from the DesignSafe Radio podcast joins us on the Disaster Podcast this week. He highlights the research opportunities at NHERI for the major hazard areas they look into: wind, earthquakes, tsunami, coastal erosion, and rapid response after events.  His podcast program focuses on the important work of the team at the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI). NHERI is committed to making sure the next natural hazard doesn’t have to be a disaster for ...



      Global Disaster Fiction with Author Sara Hathaway

      Sara Hathaway, Author

      In this episode, we feature Sara Hathaway, disaster author and podcaster who writes post-apocalyptic fiction about the aftermath of global disaster striking planet-wide. Also on the show this week are Sam Bradley, Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group, and Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, plus a visit from our disaster weather expert, meteorologist Kyle Nelson.

      We discuss with Sara some of the common themes within her...



      Fentanyl Contact Overdose Bonus Episode

      On this episode, we talk about something in the news quite frequently now regarding opioid overdose and responder contact overdose when handling or accidentally coming into contact with opioid drugs like Fentanyl. On this episode, we have Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group and co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

      Dr. Joe talks about the facts regarding this type of exposure and how there is little evidence that it is true. Still, there can be incidents where some...



      Special Event EMS and Mass Shootings with Glen Simpson

      Glen Simpson from Las Vegas based Community Ambulance talks event EMS in the face of mass casualty incidents on this week’s show. Glen was the special event coordinator providing care for the Route 61 concert series in Las Vegas the night of the mass shooting incident on October 1 of this year. Join us as he shares his experiences from that night and how planning and preparation helped his team provide care during a very difficult incident.

      Notes from Glen’s chat with ...



      Emergency Managers Conference and New Technologies with Kyle Nelson

      Disaster Weather Expert, Meteorologist Kyle Nelson

      In this episode, our regular disaster social media and weather expert, Kyle Nelson, comes on to discuss the highlights of the recent International Association of Emergency Managers conference. He discusses new technologies and, most importantly, how that technology is being used to mitigate and respond to emergency situations like disasters.

      On this episode were hosts, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, Sam B...



      Video Capture of Disaster Response and Aftermath with Ted Setla

      On this episode, we have filmmaker Ted Setla on the show this week to share his experiences work with American Medical Response (AMR) to document their ambulance strike teams during the recent spate of hurricanes to strike the continental U.S. Ted was deployed with his camera to both Houston for Hurricane Harvey and to Florida for Hurricane Irma. He also looked at the after incident stress management from the Las Vegas October 1 shooting incident.

      We examine Ted’s work providing a w...



      Pafford EMS Disaster Team Deployments

      On the call this week we talk about disaster deployments from ambulance services as strike teams for disasters like the recent spate of hurricanes. We have Jamie Pafford-Gresham from Pafford EMS ambulance company. They cover a service area in parts of four different states. They are also a company that started back in 1967.

      Pafford EMS also made teams available to response to disasters this year for hurricanes in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They also...



      Crisis Management Response in Eugene, Oregon with Michelle Perin

      Author and experienced first responder and author Michelle Perin joins hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis on the show at EMS World Expo 2017 to talk about her experiences across several aspects of emergency services. Michelle has been a dispatcher for police officers, a fire-fighter, EMT and crisis management responder.

      Michelle shares how she got started with CAHOOTS, a volunteer crisis management team for medical and mental health calls in Eugene Oregon. CAHOOTS stands for...



      Peer Support and Other Resources for Vegas Shooting Responders

      The aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting event is far-reaching and long-lasting. Even though we know that it is still a daunting task to prepare responders for their individual stress reactions to treating patients from such an event. Deputy Chief Jeff Buchanan of the Clark County Fire Department knows this all too well.

      While attending the EMS World Expo 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Jim Logan, and Host Sam Bradley sat down with Chief Buchanan to talk about the new peer support...



      A Look At the First Prepper-Med Conference

      We talk about a prepper podcast medical training weekend run by Kevin Reiter, Sam Bradley, and Kyle Nelson on this week’s episode. Before we get to that, we touch on the weather of the week with a review of Hurricane Nate and the Wildfire situation in northern California.

      After the weather and fire updates, the team transitions into a look at a training weekend run by Kevin Reiter from WildSafety.com. He invited Sam and Kyle in to train a group of prepper podcasters and their l...