Disaster Podcast

This weekly program, brought to you through a partnership with Paragon Medical Education Group, is your connection to tips, news, information and field interviews on major disasters. The show will cover all major response incidents both natural and man-made in nature, providing you the information you need to better prepare for future responses with your Local, State, and Federal response agencies like FEMA. Join our show each week with hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and paramedic/educator Sam Bradley as they bring you this unique program for first responders, paramedics, nurses, doctors, public health officials and more!


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Heat Injury and Stress Effect on Disaster and Wilderness Rescuers

A look at heat and hot weather health effects on responders and disaster rescuers. We have Wilderness PA, a.k.a. James Corbin on the show today to talk about preparing for hot weather rescue operations as summer approaches here in the northern hemisphere.



USAR Dog Wellness with Dr. Lori Gordon

USAR Dogs are an essential part of many disaster recovery and rescue operations. Often, though, their needs are not well understood by other responders and incident commanders. This week on the show, we invited veterinarian Dr.



Physical Aptitude Testing for Disaster Responders with Dave Bremson

We look at training for personal preparedness and testing for physical aptitude with Dave Bremson from Safe Mind, LLC. We talk about the annual re-certification testing for physical aptitude he helped create for the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Asso...



Volunteers in Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts

We tackle the importance of volunteers in disaster response and recovery on this week's episode of the Disaster Podcast. In some communities, volunteers from the backbone of the first responder force. How does this dynamic affect response to disasters ...



Emergency Dispatchers, The Forgotten First Responders

On this week's episode, we take a look into the lives of emergency dispatchers. Our disaster weather expert and emergency dispatcher, Kyle Nelson, is the featured guest this week. Kyle talks about the challenges of being a dispatcher and urges all firs...


 2019-05-09  54m

Pet Preparedness and Evacuation for Owners and Responders

Protecting our pets is important to all of us. So why do we not include them in our preparedness planning for our families? In this episode of the Disaster Podcast we look at pet preparedness in the face of disasters,


 2019-05-02  49m

Cumulative Stress in Responders with Dan McGuire

After a friend of the show checked in to report on some personal cumulative stress issues as a paramedic, we decided to tackle this issue head on with the expert himself. We brought back Dan McGuire from CISM Perspectives to talk about updates to the w...


 2019-04-25  1h0m

Paragon in Bangkok Talking CPR and Resuscitation

Teaching about CPR and ventilation effectiveness in resuscitation with Paragon Medical Education Group. Dr. Joe Holley and paramedic Jim Logan traveled to Bangkok, Thailand recently to teach medical professionals from all over southeastern Asia and the...


 2019-04-11  23m

Bomb-Cyclone and Severe Weather Impacts Winter 2019

A few weeks ago a weather event called a Bomb-Cyclone struck the US midwest from Colorado through the central plains states. A bomb-cyclone or bombogenesis is the rapid deepening of an extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area.


 2019-04-04  32m

Safety and Situational Awareness Practices Down Under

Another look at "Safety Third" following a Disaster Podcast Facebook group discussion on the subject. In this case, we check in with podcast community member Lee Caulfield-Marsh, A paramedic based in Queensland Australia.


 2019-03-28  49m