Disaster Podcast

This weekly program, brought to you through a partnership with Paragon Medical Education Group, is your connection to tips, news, information and field interviews on major disasters. The show will cover all major response incidents both natural and man-made in nature, providing you the information you need to better prepare for future responses with your Local, State, and Federal response agencies like FEMA. Join our show each week with hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and paramedic/educator Sam Bradley as they bring you this unique program for first responders, paramedics, nurses, doctors, public health officials and more!




      A Look At the First Prepper-Med Conference

      We talk about a prepper podcast medical training weekend run by Kevin Reiter, Sam Bradley, and Kyle Nelson on this week’s episode. Before we get to that, we touch on the weather of the week with a review of Hurricane Nate and the Wildfire situation in northern California.

      After the weather and fire updates, the team transitions into a look at a training weekend run by Kevin Reiter from WildSafety.com. He invited Sam and Kyle in to train a group of prepper podcasters and their l...



      Las Vegas Active Shooter Early Lessons Learned

      In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we look at the early response to the Las Vegas active shooter incident on October 1st. At the time of this recording, the death toll was 59 with 527 people injured. The injured had injuries ranging from gunshot wounds, to trampling, to reports of one individual struck by a motor vehicle. On the show this week are Kyle Nelson our disaster social media expert and weather expert, Dr. Joe Holley and Jim Logan from Paragon Medical Education Group, and ...



      Disaster Deployment and Avoiding Injury and Illness

      On today’s show, we bring together the team to discuss what kinds of threats and illnesses responders might be exposed to during a disaster deployment or experience after returning from a deployment to a disaster zone. Dr. Joe Holley talks with the rest of the team, including co-hosts Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley, plus our disaster weather expert Kyle Nelson.

      Infectious Diseases & Disaster Deployment

      Joe talks about how the toxic soup that major floodwaters contain carries all s...



      A World Full of Disasters – Hurricane Maria and Beyond

      A World Full of Disasters – Hurricane Maria and Beyond with the Disaster Podcast Team. Kyle Nelson gives our weather update for the podcast. He starts with a look at the remnants of Tropical Storm Jose off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. He then transitions to a recap of the damage from Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean including direct hits on Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Catastrophic damage is recorded on all the islands mentioned.

      EMS World ...



      How Do You Solve A Problem Like Hurricane Maria?

      How Do You Solve A Problem Like Hurricane Maria? To kick off the show today, we have our disaster weather expert Kyle Nelson (@WxKyleNelson) to talk about the weather update. Hurricane Maria hit the island of Dominica after going from a category 1 storm to a category 5 in just fifteen hours.

      Atlantic Hurricanes’ Widespread Impacts

      Also, Hurricane Jose is still meandering around the western Atlantic Ocean and causing tropical storm force winds off the coast of Massachusetts....



      Hurricane Harvey Rebuilding and Recovery

      In this episode, we look at the weather remnants of Hurricane Irma and the final tally of flooding and wind damage across the southeastern United States. We then pivot and return to Texas to look at the recovery and rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Harvey.

      On the show this week are Kyle Nelson, our disaster weather expert; B.J. Schneider, author, paramedic, and Katrina survivor; and Kevin Reiter from WildSafety.com. Kevin and B.J. both had experiences to relate regarding the...



      Hurricane Irma Federal Search and Rescue Efforts

      In this special follow-up episode on the Federal response to Hurricane Irma in Florida and the southeastern U.S. and Caribbean Islands. We have Dr. Joe Holley on in his role on the Federal IST (Incident Support Team) and Sam Bradley with her JPATS deployment.

      We touch on the fact that regular response still happens on top of the disaster needs. Joe and the IST ended up being called upon to assist in the response to a cardiac arrest inside their hotel because local responders had a...



      Hurricane Irma Response Update from Teams Enroute to the Aftermath

      In this special episode, we have Dr. Joe Holley on to talk about the deployments and outlook on the ground from the incident support team (IST) inbound to southern Florida on Sunday afternoon (9/10). Also on the show is Kyle Nelson our disaster weather expert with an update the progress of Hurricane Irma as it tracks up the west coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

      Joe looks at the broad federal response for Hurricane Irma from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico and, of...



      Last Hurricane Irma Disaster Team Preparations Update

      As Hurricane Irma bears down on the south Florida coast, key members of the disaster podcast team are readying to deploy or already deployed for response in Florida and possibly in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We check in with Sam Bradley as she prepares to deploy for the Irma response and hear about Dr. Joe Holley deploying with the IST (Incident Support Team) north of Florida.

      Our disaster weather expert, Kyle Nelson, gives us the latest update on Hurricane Irma and he, Sam, and...



      Return From Harvey and Prep for Hurricane Irma

      In this special mega double episode, we bring you a look at Harvey from our demobilized Federal team members, Dr. Joe Holley (from our sponsors Paragon Medical Education Group) and Sam Bradley. Then we talk about about what is to come as both podcast regulars prepare to head back out the door to get ready for the response to Hurricane Irma.

      We start out this week’s special hurricane episode with a report from our disaster weather expert Kyle Nelson on the THREE hurricanes present i...