Disaster Podcast

This weekly program, brought to you through a partnership with Paragon Medical Education Group, is your connection to tips, news, information and field interviews on major disasters. The show will cover all major response incidents both natural and man-made in nature, providing you the information you need to better prepare for future responses with your Local, State, and Federal response agencies like FEMA. Join our show each week with hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and paramedic/educator Sam Bradley as they bring you this unique program for first responders, paramedics, nurses, doctors, public health officials and more!




      Washington Amtrak Train Derailment Response

      This week we talk with Chief Scott A. LaVielle, EFO, CFO, CEMSO, FM, MIFireE, from Tumwater, Washington, who was one the responding chief officers on the Washington State I-5 Amtrak Train Derailment incident. Scott talks about attending the NFA EMS Special Operations Course to develop skills and training on large-scale MCI incidents in March 2017 which prepared for him and his team for this event, though they couldn’t have predicted it ahead of time.
      After attending the course, the l...



      Disaster Hazard Mitigation Program Value with Bryan Koon

      We talk about mitigating natural disasters in this week’s episode of the Disaster Podcast. Coming on the show is Bryan Koon. Bryan is the former Director at the Florida Division of Emergency Management and currently Vice President of Homeland Security and Emergency Management with IEM. He also serves as Chair of the Multi Hazard Mitigation Council. The Council is comprised of leading experts in mitigation and serves as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit entity that advocates for s...



      National Ambulance Strike Team Program – Bonus Episode

      In this bonus episode, we talk about the Ambulance EMS Strike Team program nationally available where extra ambulances are set up in storage around the country so they can be deployed to disasters on very short notice. AMR administers the program nationally though smaller EMS organizations participate providing EMTs and Paramedics to the program.
      Joining us on the call are Bruce Evans, Chief of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District near Durango, Colorado, and Scott Barthelmass, the...



      EMS Special Operations at the National Fire Academy

      This week we talk about the revamping of the EMS Special Operations course at the National Fire Academy with paramedic Jim Logan. Joining Jim are Bruce Evans, Chief of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District near Durango, Colorado, and Scott Barthelmass, the Public Information Officer (PIO) in the Eureka Fire Protection District near St. Louis Missouri.
      The National Fire Academy (NFA) works to enhance the ability of fire and emergency services including EMS professionals and...



      Rene Steinhauer on Disaster Volunteer Expectations

      Family Nurse Practitioner and paramedic Rene Steinhauer, MSN, FNP, EMT-P rejoins us for another visit this week to share his thoughts on what disaster volunteers should expect and not expect when they deploy to disaster areas. Rene talks with hosts Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley, along with Dr. Joe Holley about a recent article he wrote for the Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society.
      The article, “If it’s not disorganized, it’s not a disaster” looks at the disorganized chaos that defi...



      The Wilderness EMS Textbook

      In this episode, we look at the brand new Wilderness EMS textbook written by a few folks, most of whom have been guests on the show here before. We have Dr. Seth Hawkins, Dr. Ben Abo, Paramedic David Fifer, and nationally registered Wilderness EMT and Instructor Corey Winstead.
      The Wilderness EMS textbook is designed for EMS providers and leaders who deliver medical care in the wilderness, and those practicing wilderness medicine as part of a formal team. The textbook is a...



      A Visit With the RAW Medicine Podcast Team

      We are joined by Dr. Seth Collings Hawkins and paramedic David Fifer who come on the show to talk about their new venture the RAW Medicine Podcast. The show is a podcast about providing medicine off the grid. You can also connect with them via their Facebook page for the RAW Medicine Podcast.
      David and Seth saw a need to talk on a podcast about the specific delivery of medicine in those “raw” environments off the grid. They discuss topics like the difference between wilderness EMS and w...



      Disaster NGO Response with Burners Without Borders

      In this episode, we have Dr. KK Pandya (DrPandya.org) on the show to chat about his work with the Burning Man community and their disaster response team called Burners Without Borders. He started off his medical career as a dispatcher for EMS, then as an EMT, and eventually going to medical school.
      In 2005, he was volunteering with the Black Rock, NV emergency services organization as a dispatcher. The burning man community rallied to send a support team to assist with hurricane...



      Cadaver Donation and Sensationalistic News Coverage

      In this episode, we talk cadavers and training in healthcare. We bring Dr. Joe Holley on the show to talk about a series of articles from Reuters news agency about the body donation system in the U.S. Joe was disheartened by the sensationalized nature of the articles and the challenges created by the difference between the article and what Joe’s experiences in real life applied science situations.
      Suggestions for Responsible Cadaver Donation:

      * 1) First thank the person f...



      Puerto Rico and Riding Out Hurricane Maria with Dr. Gustavo Flores

      Dr. Gustavo Flores stopped by our podcast booth at EMS World Expo and sat down to share some of his experiences riding out the storm for Hurricane Maria at his home in Puerto Rico back in September. He also talks about getting out and responding to medical emergency calls in and around his community in the hurricane’s aftermath.
      Also on the show were co-hosts Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley. A special thank you to Physio-Control and EMS World Expo for their help and sponsorship of...