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Each episode of Distillations podcast takes a deep-dive into a moment of science-related history in order to shed light on the present.


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Paradise Is Burning

Our approach to fighting wildfires is a fantasy, and it’s making them even more catastrophic.



Interview with Colin Dickey

Ghost hunters on television all seem to have a common goal: to prove that ghosts are real using sophisticated, yet inexact technology. Colin Dickey, the author of Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places, says this is not an accident. The...



Ghost Hunting in the 19th Century

Though science and investigations of the paranormal might seem incompatible, they were intertwined for a long time.



Vampire Panic

When an invisible threat plagued rural 19th-century New England, the evidence pointed to the supernatural



We're Back! Distillations Summer Season Preview

This summer leave reality behind and join Distillations for an entire season about fantasy! We're talking vampires! Ghosts! Witches! And we promise, it all has to do with the history of science. Season launches on June 29.


 2021-06-15  2m

Interview with Stéphane Bancel

Last year Distillations talked to people who have —biomedical researchers, physicians, public health experts, and historians. In this episode we talk to Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, a biotech company that developed one of the three...


 2021-06-07  41m

The Anatomy Riots

How early anatomists provoked some of the strangest riots in history, by stealing the dead bodies of the poor.


 2021-06-01  17m

When a Hole in the Head is a Good Thing

How a rogue archaeologist in Peru found indisputable evidence of something previously unthinkable—ancient neurosurgery.


 2021-05-25  16m

The Disappearing Spoon: When Mosquitoes Cured Insanity

How an early 20th century doctor pitted one scourge (malaria) against another (syphilis).


 2021-05-18  17m

The Death of the Lord God Bird

How greed, and a group of Nazi prisoners, killed off one of the most iconic birds in American history, the ivory-billed woodpecker.


 2021-05-11  19m