Ditch Diggers

Treat your writing like a blue collar job. Doctors don't get doctor block and ditch diggers don't get ditch digger block, and working writers can't get writer's block. Business and humor.


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episode 13: Kameron Hurley Talks Social Media

At last, we have Kameron Hurley back to talk about the much-needed social media discussion! While nowhere near perfect, various social media services do have settings that you can tweak to protect yourself from trolls. We go over some, compare block...


 July 5, 2021  1h19m

episode 14: Ursula Vernon Talks the Triple Crown

Ursula Vernon, aka T. Kingfisher (the winner of the Andre Norton Nebula for YA and the Locus Award for YA) joins us to talk Ditch Digging, , and, uh, a lot of other things. Awards. Cover Art. Juggling many projects for hybrid publishing.  by...


 July 12, 2021  1h41m

episode 15: Mike Underwood Takes the Shovel

Mike Underwood, writer and marketer extraordinaire, returns to talk about post-pandemic publishing and where we find ourselves now. Twitch Schedule for week of July 12-24 M. 1pm Chatting, gaming, anything goes T. 1pm Ditch Diggers with Alasdair...


 July 19, 2021  1h3m

episode 17: Matt Returns and tells us how the money should flow.

Another scam publisher has reared its ugly head, so we talk about that, and exactly how you can tell if someone is scamming you. (Hint- it has to do with the flow of cash.) Welcome back, Matt! New Twitch schedule for our live episodes! on Wednesdays...


 August 23, 2021  59m

episode 18: Streaming on my own from the basement

The day was kind of a perfect storm for crap, so it ended up with me and the dogs and my phone, streaming from the basement.   To quote Stuart Smalley, "This was not my best show." But I did it!   Matt is back this week! Not sure if it's...


 August 31, 2021  1h20m

episode 19: Exiled to Discord!

Matt and Mur return to Discord instead of Twitch, since we were taking a day off Twitch in solidarity with the streamers getting harassed on the platform. New Twitch schedule for our live episodes! on Wednesdays at 11am Eastern Time! September 1,...


 September 13, 2021  52m

episode 20: Guest Hosts Ursula Vernon and Diana Rowland

I had some last minute changes come up, but the awesome authors Ursula Vernon and Diana Rowland ended up calling in and hanging out to talk about the tools we use in our careers, from Scrivener to assistants. 


 September 16, 2021  1h36m

episode 21: What Do You Do When Your Books Don't Sell?

With Gail Carriger


 September 23, 2021  39m

episode 22: What Does John Milton Have To Do With YA?

Yup, we're talking, a little late, about the YA Ratings debacle, but through the lens of dead white guy John Milton. Yeah, he was a cranky old man, writer of super long Bible fanfic, and helped with regicide a little bit, but he also was a strong...


 October 8, 2021  1h6m

episode 23: How Many Kidneys Does Ursula Vernon Have?

joins me and we talk about body organs and just how important they are to a writing career. We reference HEY check out my on NaNoWriMo coming up on October 12, 8pm EDT! schedule for week of Oct 10 Mon: 1pm Gaming (Dream Daddy) Tues: 3pm- I Should...


 October 12, 2021  1h19m