Ditch Diggers

Treat your writing like a blue collar job. Doctors don't get doctor block and ditch diggers don't get ditch digger block, and working writers can't get writer's block. Business and humor.


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episode 9: [DD] Birthdays and Gail Carriger 2, Electric Boogaloo

This was recorded back in July, but time and things and travel got away with me.  Actually what happened was the fact that I can't spread podcast production across more than one day. If I do, I will forget it needs to be finished. It's not great...


 September 5, 2023  1h17m

episode 8: [DD] Data Wonking with Podmother Gail Carriger

, July 10, 2023 Below are some affiliate links that support indie bookstores and may benefit me financially with no cost to you. S9 Ep8 Horny chaotic god energy is what we're all about in today's Ditch Diggers, "Data Wonking with Podmother Gail...


 July 20, 2023  59m

episode 7: [DD] Author/Agent Seth Fishman Answers Our Questions

S9 Ep7 Recorded live on ! Mur's agent Seth Fishman joins us to take your questions, and we fill up an hour FAST. Full transcript available! Seth Fishman: ...the industry is right now, where editors are just, they just have, they're just too busy....


 June 26, 2023  53m

episode 6: Matt's Book Launch: Savage Crowns

, June 13, 2023 Below are some affiliate links that support indie bookstores and may benefit me financially with no cost to you. S9 Ep6 It's our 1001st episode (not really) and Matt is here to launch the final book in the Savage Rebellion trilogy, and...


 June 20, 2023  1h17m

episode 5: Premee Mohamed and our 1000th Episode (?)

Matt and Mur welcome , multiple award winning author of No One Will Come Back for Us. We talk about chickens, sea cucumbers, conventions and anxiety, and there's a hair flip in there, but you can only see it if you get the video on Patreon. Links ...


 May 22, 2023  1h8m

episode 4: OG Ditch Digger Fonda Lee Is Back!

, April 3, 2023 S9 Ep4 Matt and Mur welcome , multiple award winning author of Untethered Sky. Fonda talks , starting something new after a very successful series, and more! Links Mur on ! , , Newsletter, Support via ! Theme song by April 3,...


 April 11, 2023  1h4m

episode 3: Debut Author Advice from Mary Robinette Kowal

S9 Ep3 Matt and Mur welcome , podcaster, puppeteer, former SFWA president, audiobook narrator, and Hugo Award winning writer. Mary Robinette has had blog posts helping out debut authors, so we decided to pick her brain for a few more pieces of advice,...


 March 23, 2023  1h4m

episode 2: Do AIs Dream of Electronic Submissions?

, February 27, 2022 S.9 Ep.2 I'm joined at the last minute by Valerie Valdes, my co-editor at Escape Pod! We talk about the whole AI thing and look to shed some light on the current kerfuffle. Links Mur on ! , , Newsletter, Support via !...


 March 7, 2023  1h2m

episode 1: Discussing Ethics in Publishing

S9 Ep1 , February 6, 2022 - next livestream is Feb 27, 2023 How do we, the little guys, handle things like strikes and other uncomfortable news? HarperCollins Tom Monteleone news from "" concept Links Mur on ! , , Newsletter, Support via !...


 February 16, 2023  48m

episode 22: Close out 2022 with Matt!

S8 Ep22 , December 12, 2022 Matt joins us to close down the year and send seasonal greetings! Links Mur on ! , , Support via ! Support local book stores! Get signed books from my friendly local store,   Support Local...


 February 3, 2023  1h25m