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Drowning Verdict focuses on fascinating true crime stories, the verdicts rendered and mysteries surrounding cases that are unsolved to date. Email the podcast at dvpodcastshow@gmail.com


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episode 2: Profiling The 'Creeper Dude' on County Road 4651 (Moab Murders)

Here I discuss two other similar cases involving couples who were killed in an isolated area, and with a gun. Understanding the dynamics of similar cases that were later solved could help build a profile of the killer in the unsolved Moab Murders case. #moabmurders #truecrime

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episode 1: Did Black Widow Lori Vallow Murder Hubby #3?

Lucky for Chad Daybell he's still above ground. Or maybe 5 husbands is enough for Lori Vallow, and it's good business to keep one around. Lori has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder two years after her brother shot and killed her fourth husband, Charles Vallow. But did she actually murder hubby #3? On this episode of Drowning Verdict, I talk about the possibility of Lori being solely responsible for the death of Joseph Ryan...


 2021-10-13  18m

episode 9: Morgan Sessions Missing: Will Utah Teen Get National Attention?

Eagle Mountain teenager, Morgan Sessions, went missing on September 20th 2021. News outlets here and there are chirping about her story, but it hasn't exploded like we've seen with Gabby Petito. Morgan's case is starving for national attention, like so many other missing persons cases. She is, after all, a white woman; and so it goes without saying that Missing White Woman Syndrome would apply to her...


 2021-10-06  14m

episode 8: Slain Runner Mom Hardee Schmidt

Hardee Schmidt was a wife and a mother; she was also an avid runner. One fateful day in 1999, Hardee ran across serial killer Sean Gillis. Actually, Gillis had been stalking her for weeks so it was no coincidence when he took his car and ran her into a ditch. This is her telling on Drowning Verdict.

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 2021-09-23  4m

episode 7: Moab Murders Suspect Has Likely Killed Before

No official suspect of the murders near Moab has been named. That said, it's my opinion he's killed before and could kill again. There likely wasn't any stalking or victim type in this case, but had more to do with proximity and opportunity than anything else. Next on Drowning Verdict, I talk about a long cold case that was recently solved where certain similarities match up for me, and could be helpful in moving forward with the double murder near Moab...


 2021-09-21  18m

episode 6: Was Brian Laundrie The "Creepy Man" In The Van?

Brian Laundrie returned to Florida without his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Body cam footage shows cops in Utah intervening after they had a spat. I said before that not enough space between them had likely caused big issues. This is contrary to what Van Life is supposed to be all about. But don't take my word for it; just ask Gene and Jean, the fictitious couple from the 76 Van Life commercials. Last time we saw them, Jean locked the van and took off without him...


 2021-09-16  16m

episode 5: The House That CSX Built (Alex Murdaugh)

Alex Murdaugh hired a hit man who was also a former client of his to shoot him in the head so his eldest son could receive a 10M insurance payout in his death. I said before that a lawyer fixing his own tire on the side of the road is more unusual than getting shot in the head and surviving. Alex's former law firm had benefited the Murdaugh family for generations. Yet when his father died in June, the dynasty was crumbling...


 2021-09-15  18m

episode 4: Gabby Petito Missing: Is There Foul Play In Her Disappearance?

22 year old Gabby Petito is missing and the last person to see her alive returned from their cross country trek without her. Gabby's boyfriend isn't talking about her disappearance, and he's since retained a lawyer. The last few missing persons cases I've covered have started the same way: girl goes missing and her significant other goes in another direction. Next on Drowning Verdict, I'll give you one word to consider now that Gabby Petito missing is a thing...


 2021-09-14  17m

episode 3: Is Rehab A Refuge For Alex Murdaugh?

Alex Murdaugh resigned from his law firm recently, citing rehab as a reason for his decision. Long used as a tactic to escape scrutiny, rehab retreats have sheltered many high profile people, keeping them at an arms-length from the law. I've said before that I don't believe the father could kill the son, even though Alex is looking more like a person of interest due to his strange behavior...


 2021-09-08  19m

episode 2: The Suzanne Morphew Case Is Similar To What Happened To Sharon Garrison

Suzanne Morphew has been missing for over a year now. Those closest to her missing persons case say she is no longer above ground. Her husband was subsequently arrested and charged with her murder. Twenty years and eighty miles separate Suzanne from Sharon Garrison, who was killed by her husband inside of their Breckenridge, CO home. She was found buried on the property after investigators kept digging for the wife and mother who had threatened divorce...


 2021-09-01  13m