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Solar power to cut food waste

Preserving food can use a lot of energy. But the Zimbabwean Solar Dryer means fruit, vegetables and even meat can be kept and used in the future - without running up the power bill.


 2016-11-17  1m

The plastic pirates

These environmental buccaneers aren't after gold – they’re school kids who hunt for plastic waste, cleaning rivers and beaches in northern Germany, and collecting scientific data as they go.


 2016-11-17  4m

Land of flowers and honey

Mangroves on the Kenyan coast are rich with flowering plants that offer a feast for bees. Local farmers profit from their honey - as well as the crops they pollinate.


 2016-11-17  3m

A superhero for Ghana's frogs

Biologist Gilbert Adum loves Ghana's Giant Squeaker Frog. He's doing everything he can to make sure the endangered species doesn't croak.


 2016-11-12  3m

Nigeria's answer to an 'Inconvenient Truth'

An award-winning Nigerian documentary explores the problems caused by climate change, their links to the rise of Boko Haram and looks for solutions.


 2016-11-10  2m

South Africa's war on poaching

South Africa's rhinos are facing extinction thanks to demand for their horn. In the poaching court, young men face harsh prison sentences but many slip through the cracks.


 2016-11-10  4m

Shining a light in Africa with solar

Berlin-based solar company Mobisol is bringing light to thousands of Africans with its small solar modules. They produce enough energy to power everything from phones to fridges.


 2016-11-10  2m

Mission 'reforest Ethiopia'

Ethiopia's forests are almost gone, causing erosion and problems for farmers. One man is on a mission to reforest the country and has planted 4.5 million trees so far.


 2016-11-10  1m

Life in a passive house

The Müller family explains what it's like to live in a low-energy home on Europe's largest passive housing estate, which also has a passive supermarket and cinema.


 2016-11-10  5m

Saving Rwanda’s wetlands

The Rugezi Marsh in northern Rwanda is the source of many lakes and rivers – a source of life. But it’s being sucked dry by agriculture. Sustainable forestry could halt the process.


 2016-11-04  5m