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episode 161: Economic Update - Socialism and Worker Coops

20th century socialism is now behind us. Socialists continued to evaluate both its achievements and failures via extensive self-criticism. A changed socialism has emerged, focused on a transition of workplaces from top-down hierarchical capitalist struct...


 2019-07-19  28m

episode 160: Economic Update - "Worker Coops Rising"

Updates on "regulatory capture" in the US vs EU, IMF report on the US economy today finds major negatives, and how Trump's desperation for re-election shapes his aggressive policies toward the Federal Reserve, China and Mexico. Interview with John Duda f...


 2019-07-12  28m

episode 159: Economic Update - Is US Capitalism in Decline

Updates on inequalities in pay for CEOs vs average workers; economics of mega-mergers; billionaires' idea of "charity;" economic consequences of attacking Huawei Corp; Bernie leads on two new bills in Congress to expand and provide loans to employee-owne...


 2019-07-05  28m

episode 158: Economic Update - China's Economic Record and Strategy

As follow-up to earlier parallel program on the USSR, this program seeks to offer (1) an overview of China's economic development mostly over the last 25 years (GDP, real wages, etc.), and (2) its economic strategy: learning but also differing from Sovie...


 2019-06-28  28m

episode 157: Economic Update - Rise and Fall of the USSR

 Here we try to go beyond simplistic, sterile Cold War debates of demonizers vs celebrants of the USSR. USSR's strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures are examined from revolutionary beginnings in 1917 to its 1989 implosion. Second in 2-part ser...


 2019-06-24  28m

episode 156: Economic Update - A New Labor Movement Rising

 Updates on US church membership and its tax subsidies, Toyota and Merkel slam US economic nationalism, 40 US states sue price-gouging pharma firms, Trump ("self-described "tariff man") does not understand that Americans pay all tariffs he imposes, Mothe...


 2019-06-14  28m

episode 155: Economic Update - The 3 Basic kinds of Socialism

Blurb: As ever more people become anti-capitalist and look toward socialist alternatives, it is important to grasp key differences among the alternative kinds of socialism. This program explains those differences among (1) the moderate or "democratic" so...


 2019-06-07  28m

episode 154: Economic Update - Understanding Marxism

This special edition of "Economic Update" is devoted to Understanding Marxism, the title of a short new book just published by Democracyatwork. Today's program, like the book, explains Marxism's systemic insights into capitalism now. We discuss Marxism's...


 2019-06-03  28m

episode 153: Economic Update - The Great American Purge

The program begins by explaining the economics behind the great US  anti-leftist purge (“McCarthyism”) after 1945. It then shows the economic impacts of that purge over the last half century. Finally, it explains how that history produced a very differen...


 2019-05-25  28m

episode 152: Economic Update - Living in a Socialist Economy

Updates on the US "bribing for college admission" scandal, how lobbyists reflect and worsen inequality, So. and No. Carolina teachers strike for better education, how NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) reflect and worsen workplace inequalities across globa...


 2019-05-18  28m