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episode 121: Economic Update - The 'Immigration Issue' and Capitalism - 10.12.18

Updates on UK's Liberal Democrats advocating serious reduction of wealth and income inequality, Sears CEO blames pensions for Sears' problems, JP Morgan predicts next financial collapse in 2020, failure to deal with opioid crisis, G-20 meeting in Argenti...


 2018-10-13  28m

episode 120: Economic Update - Public Policy, Private Pain - 10.06.18

Updates on Bloomberg finds US "among least efficient" providers of health care, Poland's unions demand wealth sharing role, money corrupts US politics in new way, Trump tariffs bad for many US corporations. Interview: Dr. Harriet Fraad on how publ...


 2018-10-06  28m

episode 119: Economic Update - Black Socialists of America (BSA)

 Updates on Chicago hotel workers strike and Philadelphia parking lot attendants organizing, Cuomo's centrist, money-dependent  campaign, another socialist (Julia Salazar) wins election, McDonald's workers strike in 10 cities against employer's failure t...


 2018-09-29  28m

episode 118: Economic Update - "Launching a New University" - 09.24.18

 Updates on Tenth Anniversary of Lehman Brothers Bank collapse, assisting Ocasio-Cortez show how to finance socialist projects, Colin Kaepernick's ad for Nike and contradictions of capitalism.  Interview with Michael Pelias on launching a new Left Univer...


 2018-09-24  28m

episode 117: Economic Update - Keynesian Vs. Marxian and Neoclassical Economics - 09.15.18

This week's special edition of Economic Update deals with Keynesian economics as a theory that clashes with both the mainstream economics ("neoclassical") that celebrates private capitalism and with critical theories such as Marxian economics that are op...


 2018-09-15  28m

episode 116: Economic Update - Gov't Take-over Not Always Socialism - 09.08.18

This special editon of Economic update deals with how and why government take-over of private corporations need not be and often is not "socialism" and why it is often done to strengthen private capitalists.  


 2018-09-08  28m

episode 115: Economic Update - Capitalism Invites Deepening Criticism - 09.02.18

 Updates on new approach to Labor Day, DNC accepts fossil fuel donations, Turkey's crisis as typical capitalist instability, collapse of Genoa toll bridge, exploding gap between CEO and average worker pay, Gallup Poll on capitalism vs socialism in US.Int...


 2018-09-02  28m

episode 114: Economic Update - Capitalism's Problems Provoke Oppositions - 08.24.18

Updates on Missouri vote for union position, the irrationality of student debt, economic sanction of Iran isolates and costs US for Trump political gains, Monsanto puts profits over cancer risks, Louisiana legislature punishes big banks for lending to as...


 2018-08-25  28m

episode 113: Economic Update - Capitalism: Changed by its Contradictions

Updates on poverty in California, childhood obesity in US, economic fallout from (real meaning of) Trump steel tariff. Prof Wolff responds to questions by explaining how US politics has sustained US capitalism and what the politics of change will require.


 2018-08-19  28m

episode 112: Economic Update - Capitalism: Problems and Pushback - 08.12.18

Updates on social costs of criminalizing marijuana, US food outlets taken over by foreign conglomerates, capital labor conflict in India, Trump's Signature Bank swamp, New Zealand makes 10-days paid domestic violence leave mandatory. Interview with Matt ...


 2018-08-12  28m