The Ectoplasm Show

The Ectoplasm Show is a funny look at all things odd, strange, creepy & weird. We cover anything from aliens & ghosts to conspiracy and true crime. Come join us once a week for fun, weird, wacky, odd, strange, paranormal news!

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episode 151: 305- Ectoplasm- Psychotic Bomber, Yellowstone, and AI Will Kill Us All!

Jason and Josh are back with more juicy tales of the weird! Enjoy!


 2019-07-02  57m

episode 150: 304- Ectoplasm- Tales From The Underground

Jason and Josh dive deep into the mysterious tales from just below the surface! OH! And Kupzyk's internet screws up bigtime... Sshhhh, don't tell him it was actually Josh's internet that sucked. Enjoy! 


 2019-06-12  53m

episode 149: 303- Ectoplasm - Kupzyk Got Skewered

Josh and Jason are back with some kickass stories! Enjoy!! 


 2019-05-24  1h13m

episode 148: 302- Ectoplasm- Throwback episode as we get our poop in a group

Jason and Josh have another throwback episode for you to enjoy as this week continues to kick them in the butts. Enjoy!


 2019-05-03  1h6m

episode 147: 301- Ectoplasm - Para News with Eric Enzbrenner

Josh and Jason discuss the latest in paranormal news with special guest Eric Enzbrenner! Enjoy! 


 2019-04-25  1h9m

episode 146: 300- Ectoplasm- 300th Episode with Leo and Jason from Everyday Paranormal!

It's our 300th episode!!!! Jason and Josh are joined by Leo and Jason from Everyday Paranormal! Enjoy!!


 2019-04-18  1h8m

episode 145: 299- Ectoplasm - Stan Romanek and General Ramblings

Jason and Josh are back in the saddle where they discuss the very odd Stan Romanek and some other oddities from the paranormal field. Also, Josh's 5-month-old son decides to make a guest appearance. Enjoy!!


 2019-04-05  57m

episode 144: 298 - Ectoplasm - Throwback - Flying Humanoid Madness!!

Josh and The Good Dr. discuss flying humanoids and what these things could possibly be. Enjoy!!  


 2019-03-28  1h16m

episode 143: 297- Ectoplasm - Freaking Aliens with Crab Legs...NOT Fake News!

Jason and Josh discuss some creepy stuff this week! ENJOY!     


 2019-03-07  1h1m

episode 142: 296- Ectoplasm Throwback Episode With Andrea Perron

Jason and Josh are getting the poo end of the stick with life this week and decided to give you all a throwback! Enjoy!  


 2019-02-28  2h0m