The Ectoplasm Show

The Ectoplasm Show is a funny look at all things odd, strange, creepy & weird. We cover anything from aliens & ghosts to conspiracy and true crime. Come join us once a week for fun, weird, wacky, odd, strange, paranormal news!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 528 Folge(n) erschienen.

episode 163: 317- Ectoplasm- Scary Halloween Stories!

Jason and Josh discuss some very true and very strange Halloween stories!    


 2019-10-31  1h6m

episode 162: 316- Ectoplasm - Kupzyk Has A Heart Attack and the Latest in Paranormal News

Josh and Jason discuss the latest in paranormal news! Enjoy!


 2019-10-24  58m

episode 161: 315- Ectoplasm Show- Special Guest Interview with Nick Groff

While Josh is off filming crap, here is a special interview that Josh did last week for his Patreon page with Nick Groff. Enjoy!  


 2019-10-10  1h7m

episode 160: 314- Ectoplasm- So...About That Area 51 Thing.

Jason and Josh discuss the fairly anti-climactic outcome to the Storm Area 51 thing. Enjoy!


 2019-09-26  1h10m

episode 159: 313- Ectoplasm- Crazy and Mysterious Scientist Deaths

Josh and Jason talk about some very odd endings for some very brilliant minds. Enjoy!!  


 2019-09-10  1h40m

episode 158: 312- Ectoplasm- Special Guest Seth Alne!

We are joined by our good pal Seth Alne who is talking some seriously epic stuff! Enjoy!!   Seth's YouTube Page:    


 2019-09-05  1h18m

episode 157: 311- Ectoplasm- Paranormal News And How To Abduct Josh

Josh and Jason discuss some of the latest in paranormal news! Enjoy!    


 2019-08-27  1h0m

episode 156: 310- Ectoplasm - Ghosts Of Alcatraz

Dr. Feelgood and Josh chat about the different tales and spirits of Alcatraz Island. Enjoy!!


 2019-08-23  55m

episode 155: 309- Ectoplasm - Paranormal News- Tom Cruise Presidential Run and Butt-Sniffing Trespassers!

Jason and Josh discuss the latest in the world of the weird! Enjoy!  


 2019-08-21  1h7m

episode 154: 308- Ectoplasm- Conspiracies, A Rocket Up the Ass, and Walmart Robots!

Dr. Feelgood and Josh are back in the saddle after a short break. But they come bearing new content and a new network as well! A new conspiracy theory has emerged and ties to one of our previous episodes. The same guy that strapped a rocket to his ass is...


 2019-08-14  58m