The Ectoplasm Show

The Ectoplasm Show is a funny look at all things odd, strange, creepy & weird. We cover anything from aliens & ghosts to conspiracy and true crime. Come join us once a week for fun, weird, wacky, odd, strange, paranormal news!

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episode 141: 295- Ectoplasm - Men In Black With Larry Buchanan

Jason and Josh are joined by their good friend Larry Buchanan to discuss Men in Black! Enjoy!   Check out Larry's books at: para-chumbooks on Facebook 


 2019-02-14  1h15m

episode 140: 294- Ectoplasm - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!

Jason and Josh discuss some spooky stories!


 2019-02-07  1h6m

episode 139: 293- Possible Conspiracy Regarding Barron Trump

Jason and Josh dive deep into some political BS and also discuss a possible conspiracy regarding young Barron Trump! Enjoy!!


 2019-01-31  1h5m

episode 138: 292- Ectoplasm Show- Crazy Conspiracy Throwback Episode!

Josh and Jason are super busy this week so they decided to throw out a crazy episode from back in the day! Enjoy!


 2019-01-25  1h31m

episode 137: 291- Ectoplasm- Doom, Gloom, and a Flat Earth Cruise Getaway!

Jason and Josh discuss some of the crazier events that are going on around the globe! Enjoy!!  


 2019-01-16  54m

episode 136: 290- Ectoplasm - Dark Side of the Moon and Strange Lights in the Skies!

Jason and Josh talk the new mission currently on the dark side of the moon and some very odd lights in the skies! Enjoy!!


 2019-01-10  1h4m

episode 135: 289- Ectoplasm - Throwback Conspiracy Episode!

The good Doctor Feelgood and Josh are both under the weather this week so they decided to throw another throwback episode your way. This one is from way back when the Ectoplasm Show was still in its infancy. Enjoy!!


 2019-01-03  56m

episode 133: 288- Ectoplasm- Christmas Party!

Jason and Josh are joined by some of their good pals from VIDI Space for this special Christmas episode of the Ecto show live from Malvern Manor! Enjoy!! for Haunticon Tickets!!  


 2018-12-24  1h5m

episode 134: 287- Ectoplasm- Throwback Episode with Dustin Pari!!

Leading us into the holiday season is a throwback episode from one of our favorite people, Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International! Enjoy!!


 2018-12-20  1h42m

episode 132: 286- Ectoplasm - What in the Ghost-Donking F#%k is Going On Here?

Jason and Josh discuss the latest in Paranormal News! Enjoy!    


 2018-12-12  1h3m