Elixir Mix

Elixir Mix is a weekly show focused on the Elixir programming community. Our panel discusses topics around functional programming, the Elixir ecosystem, and building real world apps with Elixir based tools and frameworks.


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EMx 081: Discussing Deployment

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel has a conversation about a few things they have been thinking about. First, they shout out to anyone who would love to chat about config change callbacks. Then they dive into deployment discussing the updates that have happened this year. They share their experiences with the changes and compare the Elixir release to Distillery. There are many options for deployment and they discuss some of the ones they have used...



EMx 080: The Big Elixir Favorites

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel syncs up by discussing The Big Elixir Conference, their favorite talks and what they are working on. The first talk they discuss is Scott Southworth’s talk about medical messaging and the impressive work he does with the HL7 parser. Next, they discuss Ben Church’s talk about business logic where he talks about leex and yecc. The panel discusses leex, yeccs and their own work with parsers...



EMx 079: Oban with Parker Selbert

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel interviews Parker Selbert. Parker lives in Chicago and runs a consultancy with his wife. He joins the panel to discuss a library that he wrote, Oban. Parker starts by explaining what Oban is and why he wrote it. Oban is a way to run reliable background jobs by persisting them in the database.Oban is akin to Sidekick, Parker explains, he wanted something similar to Sidekick for Elixir. He made a few improvements including moving it to Postgres from Redis...



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EMx 078: Phoenix Phrenzy with Nathan Long

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel interviews  Nathan Long about Pheonix Phrenzy. Nathan explains what Pheonix Phrenzy is and what the contest is all about. The panel explains how exciting it is for everyone to see what Live View can really do. With all the submissions open-sourced, the consider what a great resource the submissions are for those learning to use Live View. Nathan explains his motivations behind Pheonix Phrenzy...



EMx 077: Elixir at PepsiCo eCommerce with Jason Fertel

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel interviews Jason Fertel who runs the marketing automation team at PepsiCo eCommerce. Jason shares the story of bringing Elixir to PepsiCo eCommerce and explains how it became their go-to for application development.  Jason explains what they do at PepsiCo eCommerce. They build software to optimize everything from supply chain to marketing and sales for big companies in eCommerce like Amazon.com and InstaCart...



EMx 076: MUD Development and Grapevine

On this episode of Elixir Mix the panelists interview Eric Oestrich, one of the regular panelists for the show. Eric is a developer at SmartLogic where he works with Elixir and recently has been working with deployments. He has a project called Grapevine which is similar to steam but for text games.Mark opens up the discussion by asking Eric to talk about his game ExVenture which is a MUD game...


 2019-11-05  36m

EMx 075: Live View Implementation With Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Episode SummaryJeff Kreeftmeijer works at Appsignal where they create a tool for application monitoring that works in Ruby and Elixir. He works specifically with integrations focusing in Elixir and also writes articles for their Elixir and Ruby newsletters. Jeff started as a Ruby programmer but had an interest in functional programming which lead him to gain an interest in Elixir. When he started at Appsignal they were already considering an Elixir integration and that made it a perfect fit...


 2019-10-29  34m

EMx 074: Inky Displays With Lars Wikman and Emilio Nyaray

Episode SummaryThis episode of Elixir mix opens with Lars Wikman and Emilio Nyaray sharing how they came to be working together on a project called Inky. Inky is an E-Ink display that works with Nerves and Elixir. The project started when Lars wanted to use the Inky device from Nerves but didn’t want to install Python to do it. Emilio wanted to join because he found it fascinating to be able to control this device with Elixir...


 2019-10-22  52m

EMx 073: Application Monitoring Using Telemetry With Arkadiusz Gil

Episode SummaryThis episode of Elixir Mix features Arkadiusz Gil. Arkadiusz is a software engineer at Erlang Solutions. He is also a member of the observability working group of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. The purpose of this working group is to nurture different areas of the community to maintain libraries, improve tooling, and create documentation. He became a member of this group because of his work on Telemetry...


 2019-10-15  40m