Encounter at Illinois State University / ISU

Encounter at Illinois State University / ISU


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RESTORATION {fall retreat 2021} – Ben Miller

Sunday AM – Rev 21:2-6 – God is painting a picture for our future where everything leads back to perfection.  What’s more, He’s letting you paint with him.


 2021-09-19  33m

RESCUE {fall retreat 2021} – Phil Lopez

Saturday PM – Galatians 1:4 – Jesus died instead of me.


 2021-09-18  24m

THE FALL {fall retreat 2021} – Jo Miller

Saturday AM – Our sin and obstacles are real, but our God is faithful.  Romans 3:23


 2021-09-18  34m

CREATION {fall retreat 2021} – Ben Miller

Friday PM – Gen 1:1 – In the beginning, God chose to create an object for His love.


 2021-09-17  n/a

PRESENCE & POWER {awake series} – Ben Miller

Behold, the veil was torn.  Many supernatural events happened when Jesus died.  Why all the fuss about a torn curtain? (Matt 27:45-54, Gen 2:17, Gen 9:11, Gen 17:4, Ex 19:5-6,...


 2021-09-13  35m

UNHINDERED WORSHIP {awake series} – Ben Miller

In Luke 7, a tender interaction with Jesus invites us deeper into worship. (Luke 7:36-50, Rom 3:23, I Jn 1:8, Is 64:6, Matt 22:26-40, Heb 4:16, Ez 36:26, I Jn...


 2021-09-06  32m

BEHOLD, OUR GIFTS {awake series} – Phil Lopez

Behold, Our GiftsZacchaeus’ meeting with Jesus creates a desire to right the wrongs of his life, to become a giver instead of a taker. Proximity to Christ results in us...


 2021-08-30  33m

INFUSED {awake series} – Ben Miller

Lambs and baptisms apparently have something in common.  God knew we needed familiar landmarks to help us see, understand, and participate in the spiritual world. But when we remove God...


 2021-08-24  37m

PAY ATTENTION {awake series} – Ben Miller

Elisha’s servant gets a rude awakening when his eyes are opened by God, revealing a reality unknown to him before.  If we accept that God is real and Jesus is...


 2021-08-16  35m

IF YOU’RE GONNA BOAST… {lessons from a broken body series} – Ben Miller

When we boast about ourselves, we broadcast our own foolishness.  But there is a kind of boasting that is Scripturally approved. (2 Cor 10:17-18, James 4:16, Ps 10:3, Prov 25:27,...


 2021-05-04  29m