Encounter at Illinois State University / ISU

Encounter at Illinois State University / ISU


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A NEW GOD IN ATHENS (launch series) – Ben Miller

When Paul arrives in Athens, he is in the heart of a very different culture. And while his message of Jesus remains the same, how he tells the story of...


 2019-04-23  41m

FAKE NEWS {stay free series} – Ben Miller

We live in a noisy age, where all of the voices claiming truth yell at the same volume. What do Paul and the Bereans have to teach us about finding...


 2019-04-17  40m


God didn't create use to live in isolation. How do some of our most important relationships throughout our lives (family, friendship, dating/marriage) affect the way that we understand God and the gospel. - 1 Cor 13 Rom 12:10 Gal 6:2 Prov 27:17


 2019-04-09  48m

GENTLENESS & STRENGTH – {stay free series} – Phil Lopez

Paul & Silas in prison - Part 2. Gentleness is not weak - how we react in tough situations indicates the condition of our hearts. Acts 16:25-39 NLT


 2019-04-02  33m

JOY, EVEN IN THE PAIN {stay free series} – Ben Miller

Paul and Silas find themselves in a prison in Philippi. After being publicly stripped, beaten, and imprisoned, their response is midnight prayer and worship. Joy, apparently, is not bound by our circumstance. (Acts 16:19-34, Ps 142:4-7, Is 53:3,


 2019-03-26  21m

SOME THINGS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR {stay free series} – Ben Miller

Conflict is inevitable. A new teaching infects the church of Antioch and we begin to see the church bogged down in disagreement. Conflict handled poorly leads to division, but conflict handled well leads to deeper intimacy and community. Grace,


 2019-03-21  35m

COUNTERFEIT GODS {stay free series} – Ben Miller

3-4-19 - Every one of us has a strange desire to replace God with things we can see, hear, and touch. Every time we make that switch, we bow down to a false god. Recognizing these idols for the worthless things they are helps us escape the disillusion...


 2019-03-05  42m

FAITH & ANXIETY {stay free series} – Cedric Williams

Cedric Williams, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Intern at Illinois State University, answers student questions about faith and mental health.


 2019-02-26  49m

CALLED TO BATTLE {winter retreat 2019} – Charlie Welke

Winter Retreat 2019 - Session 4 of 4


 2019-02-20  30m