ETH Podcast

The new podcast from ETH Zurich is here! The topics are as varied as the formats: In exciting background reports and expert talks we want to include everything that is thrilling, controversial, and fun about science and technology. ETH Zurich – Where the future begins! Our university for science and technology dates back to the year 1855, when the founders of modern-day Switzerland created it as a centre of innovation and knowledge. At ETH Zurich, students discover an ideal environment for independent thinking, researchers a climate which inspires top performance. Situated in the heart of Europe, yet forging connections all over the world, ETH Zurich is pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow. ETH Zurich has an excellent reputation in scientific circles: 21 Nobel laureates have studied, taught or researched here, and ETH regularly ranks as one of the world’s top universities.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 18m. Bisher sind 32 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 32: Creating vaccines

A question of time



episode 31: ETH4D tackles poverty

How future leaders in the field of sustainable development are mastering global challenges



episode 30: How Machine Learning can help in medicine

ETH computer scientists Julia Vogt and Fanny Yang work in the field of Machine Learning and Medicine. While Fanny builds models, Julia applies the theories in different projects collaborating with hospitals. In the ETH-Podcast, both researchers talk about what drew them to their field, and why machines will never replace human beings in the medical field.


 2020-08-25  25m

episode 29: Can AI help tackle climate change?

Lynn Kaack and David Dao on how to stop the global warming


 2020-05-20  35m

episode 28: #COVID–19: Interdisciplinarity is key

Interview with Detlef Günther, Vice President for Research at ETH Zurich


 2020-05-05  11m

episode 27: #COVID–19: To trace or not to trace

Contact tracing and respecting privacy


 2020-04-21  10m

episode 26: #COVID–19: Speed of spread

The genome of the virus is the key


 2020-04-16  8m

episode 25: #COVID–19: The challenge of daily data changes

Shifting from economic forecasting to scenario planning


 2020-04-14  8m

episode 24: #COVID–19: Singapore during the pandemic

How a megacity became a giant research lab


 2020-04-09  10m

episode 23: #COVID–19: Keep moving!

How fitness and health go together


 2020-04-07  9m