EuroZone is a podcast about European ultimate frisbee hosted by Ravi Vasudevan and Liam Grant. It covers everything from elite level play to crazy party tournaments.Email:

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EroZone: Top 10 of the Decade, Russia World Games

Ravi and Liam talk about the top 10 players of the decade from outside North America. Ned Garvey and Olga Barsukova come on to speculate on the Russian World Games team. Also, they speculate on whether or not WUGC will happen next year. This episode...



EuroZone: Europe Starts Playing Frisbee, France World Games

Ravi and Liam talk about the re-opening of ultimate in Europe including the Swiss preparation tournament. They also look ahead to the EUCF. Quentin Dupre La Tour of Focus Ultimate and Camille Canter come on the podcast to speculate on what a French...



EuroZone: xEUCF Bids, WUGC Budget, New WFDF Rules

The EUF has distributed bids to different nations for the xEUCF in October. Will this event actually happen given the pandemic? WUGC releases their budget for the potential postponed tournament. Plus, Rueben Berg from the WFDF rules committee comes on...


 2020-06-17  1h20m

EuroZone: BLM, WUGC Refunds, Germany World Games

Ravi and Liam talk about WFDF's latest announcement on the WUGC postponement, specifically about their refund policy. Sophia Neumann-Wagner and Hans Tiro come on the show to speculate about a German 2022 World Games team. Episode is sponsored by...


 2020-06-08  1h16m

EuroZone: Europe Re-Opens, GB World Games Team

Europe is starting to play ultimate again. Ravi and Liam take a trip around the continent and see how different countries are starting back up with Frisbee. Sean Colfer comes on the show to speculate about what a GB World Games team would look like....


 2020-05-21  1h4m

EuroZone: Tom's Tourney 2020

Tom's Tourney isn't happening this year but Ravi and Liam go through some nice memories of the tournament including a touching story from Robyn Fennig about her first experience with YAKA at Tom's. They also interview Tom's TD Boris van de Loock about...


 2020-04-29  57m

EuroZone: Nathan Kolakovic, World Games Postponed

Liam and Ravi talk about what World Games moving to 2022 may mean for 2021 tournaments. Then Liam has a long, in-depth, Guinness fueled interview with ultimate videographer sensation, Nathan Kolakovic. Episode presented by Savage Apparel Co. Go to...


 2020-04-09  1h2m

EuroZone: WUGC Cancelled

WFDF has cancelled WUGC and WJUC. Windmill has been cancelled. Liam and Ravi give their immediate thoughts. EuroZone is presented by Savage Apparel Co. Visit to get started on your team order.


 2020-03-24  47m

EuroZone: Coronavirus

Ravi and Liam talk about the current state of European ultimate under coronavirus quarantine. They give some tips on how to pass the time and talk a bit about what may happen for the rest of the season. This episode is brought to you by Savage...


 2020-03-18  51m

EuroZone: Interview With WFDF's Brian Gisel

Liam and Ravi talk about the top mixed teams in Europe, and debate which teams in Europe have the best chance at getting medals across all divisions. Then they interview WFDF Ultimate Chairperson and World Games Tournament Technical Director, Brian...


 2020-03-04  58m