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Every other month, SYFY WIRE will be tackling a new subject for it's EVERY DAY series. Starting in October, host Dany Roth will talk with a new guest every day about a different horror movie for EVERY DAY HORROR. So if you're a glutton for horror or are prone to nightmares, take a chance on us as we indulge in some of the best, the worst, and the scariest horror films ever made.


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 2018-10-18  46m

episode 17: October 17: Paranormal Activity

Host Dany Roth is joined by Joe Bandelli, producer of the Hell House LLC films, to discuss 2007's Paranormal Activity. Discussion includes what makes for a successful found footage film, how Paranormal Activity was a game changer, Steven Spielberg, the alternate endings and how more money doesn't make a better film.


 2018-10-17  44m

episode 16: October 16: Poltergeist II

Host Dany Roth is joined by Ben Sher, producer for Eli Roth's History of Horror and co-host of the Retro Movie Love podcast, to discuss Poltergeist II: The Other Side. Important discussions include how completely terrifying Kane is, how this movie impacted dental care of our host, Rhonda Shear, the patriarchal nature of Part II vs. the matriarchal nature of Part 1, why you can never trust Lara Flynn Boyle and more.


 2018-10-16  46m

episode 15: October 15: The Exorcist

Host Dany Roth is joined by SYFY WIRE's associate features editor Caitlin Busch for a discussion about one of the world's most famous scary movies, The Exorcist. Discussion includes possession as an examination of privilege, Geena Davis, questioning if Chris is friends with Nazi's, the accuracy of the actual exorcism and more.


 2018-10-15  36m

episode 14: October 14: The Blob (1958)

Host Dany Roth is joined by SYFY WIRE's Features Editor to discuss 1958's The Blob, the last film of Steven McQueen before he became Steve McQueen. Listen as Dany and Jordan discuss a Blob drinking game, if we'd root for the Blob in 2018, mullets. Jon Lovitz, partying with Mara Wilson and more.


 2018-10-14  32m

episode 13: October 13: Wishmaster

Host Dany Roth is joined by Allison Pregler, host at the Youtube channel Movie Nights, to discuss the 1997 film Wishmaster. "Wishes are a stretch here," says Allison and that's just the beginning of some madness involving Leprechaun farts, coaching girls basketball, Tony Todd and Sliders as Wish Upon fan fiction.


 2018-10-13  40m

episode 12: October 12: Crimson Peak

Host Dany Roth is joined by Elisa Hansen, author and creator of the web series Maven of the Eventide. Dany and Elisa discuss Frankenstein as religion, gothic romance, choosing murder over polyamory, moths, Scarlet Pimpernel fandom and more!


 2018-10-12  44m

episode 11: October 11: Drag Me To Hell

Host Dany Roth is joined by SYFY WIRE Fangrrls Associate Editor Courtney Enlow to dig deep into this frothy, fun and kinda sorta racist 2009 film. Curses! Office supply transportation that makes no sense! Popeyes! Stealing pens as indication of morality! Demons!


 2018-10-11  56m

episode 10: October 10: The Conjuring

Host Dany Roth is joined by Carly Lane, contributing editor to SYFY WIRE Fangrrls, to discuss 2013's The Conjuring. Did this movie change the trajectory of horror AND the movie industry? Dany and Carly advocate for more terror, discuss the brilliance of Josie & The Pussycats, being a horror late bloomer and demons.


 2018-10-10  44m

 2018-10-09  37m